Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dispelling a myth?

I think it is a myth that the Flinders Street Station clocks were ever removed and digital replacements were installed. I have read that the old clocks were removed and digital installed and there was such an outcry that the old clocks were reinstalled.

This is how I remember it. There was a plan to remove the clocks that indicated the departure times on our various suburban train lines and replace them with digital clocks. The clocks had previously been manually adjusted by railway staff with a long pole that presumably turned something in the clocks to adjust them. There was a public outcry and instead the existing clocks were converted to electric operation and adjusted from a central location. It took quite a long time before the converted clocks became reliable indicators. But no, I don't think there were ever digital replacements. If you can give me specifics that they were, please do so.

You can see the clocks at this great post at Melbourne Curious, which again repeats the digital myth. The clocks can be seen clearly about halfway down the page.


  1. there are just some things in Melbourne that The People will not allow to be destroyed.
    the skipping girl sign, the nylex clock, etc.

  2. Found this article>.
    It was that the old clocks just didn't tell the time anymore, not that they were removed.

  3. I think you're right Andrew, and part of the reason for the outrage was that the Elizabeth St entrance clocks were removed, and people didn't like their replacement.

  4. MOD, I wish there was more we could save.

    Bathgate Indicators. Very interesting Jayne.

    Daniel, I remember clocks at Elizabeth Street. What happened to them? I guess you have said what happened to them.

  5. Flicking through the FSS: Behind The Facade book in the bookshop today, I noticed a pic of old clocks at the centre entrance. They too vanished sometime in the last couple of decades.

  6. Ah Daniel, ok. Every time I see that entrance, it catches me by surprise that it is there. I forget about it.