Friday, December 17, 2010

Crack man in the highrise

The window crack man arrived at the highrise to take a look at our window. Poor installation he said. Maybe a screw fixing point. Might have been ok for ever, but it was the tinting wot done it in. The temperature difference was too much when the sun was on half the window and it broke at a vulnerable point. Of course I was quite right on several fronts, least of all that the crack would get worse. Yes, owners corporation will pay, maybe even for the re tinting. Meanwhile Copperwitch's previous comment worries me whenever the wind blows.


  1. You will not explode, implode or, in LOLspeak, 'a-splode'.
    Good to hear you're covered by insurance :)

  2. put some gaffer tape over it to stabilise temporarily.

  3. Go for stained glass next of those in sections with lead between (like my windows). If one of 'em cracks then you'll only need to replace that particular bit. Of course, if a very fat seagull lands on top of it, it might sag inwards a bit.

  4. Saw your post title in my reader and thought you'd nailed a drug dealer! It's good/bad (strike out that which is not applicable) that it's *just* the window ...

    Happy travels!!

  5. A-splode. I like it Jayne.

    Hope they come next week MOD. I don't want gaffer tape over the window for christmas.

    Brian, nothing worse than sagging leadlight. We had some once and it used to flex rather a lot when I was cleaning it.

    Red, wasn't my subject line ever so clever at attracting attention?

  6. I'm glad it's getting fixed. Annoying though.

  7. Fen, finishing the year as it started with things breaking.


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