Thursday, December 09, 2010

Broady Boy

Does Eddie Everywhere, the omnipresent Eddie McGuire, come from Broadmeadows? I think I heard he does, so that is one famous son at least. How can I describe Broadmeadows without being offensive? Ok, it is not really a high high income area. It does have some high social stats but not ones suburbs should really aim for.

But suburbs can be complex beasts. Even so, I was surprised to hear male model Andrej Pejic came from Broady. He probably does not consider himself a Broady Boy in the conventional sense. I saw a photo somewhere of him yesterday and decided to learn a little more about him. If he is or is going to be world famous, I need to know about him. I had a sense I had seen him before somewhere but missed the information that he was Australian.

While I don't mind a bit of androgyny it is not something I normally pursue on the internet. But I correctly guessed where I might have seen Andrej before. Of course he was here at the Beauty Hunter. I hope he just sticks with his look and does not go further. Men trying to be women are as common as a locust flying in your open door. Now, where is the Mortein.

Photo from F Tape, The Model Wall.


  1. Brooke Shields meets Paris Hilton.

    (And DO get rid of those black roots!)

  2. .. and the late Crazy John's founder was a Broady boy, one who actually did good works in Broady in contrast to Execrable Eddie who proclaims his Broadyness as self promotion.

  3. Julia doesn't seem to worry about her roots! He could be a very sensible young man.

    Forgotten him. John something, a name like a Sydney underworld figure.

  4. He is ever so slightly gorgeous :)

  5. He is pretty, oh so pretty. So pretty and witty and gay.

  6. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Eddie is the most ethnic sounding Australian Ive ever heard too... and yes hes a broady boy .. lol in his floor shiners...aka moccys


  7. Floor shiners. Haha, very good Michelle.