Thursday, December 09, 2010


This Julian Assange is a bit of a queer fish. What motivates his actions? Public good? I have learnt something I did not know or wasn't wide spread public knowledge already, that is how undiplomatic diplomats can be. I hope Sweden knows what it is doing. It is a generally respected country around the world and has a significant reputation to lose if it is complicit in the pursuit of Assange without good reason.

My opinion of Assange and what he is doing was quite ambivalent, that is until the 'forces' kicked into action. Our PM Gillard against him. The English justice system working at lightning speed. Not being bailed for a less than convincing charge in a foreign country. Now the big corporations are distancing themselves or cutting any connection with Assange. Goodness, the US right want him 'done in'.

Consequently my opinion has now firmed and I would say I am supporter of Assange. If so many powerful people and corporations are 'hunting him down', then what he is doing must be good for the world.

PS I had this scheduled to post this afternoon, but suddenly the blog world seems to have gone viral on Assange, so I bring it forward by a few hours. If you want to know more about the details of what happened in Sweden, check out Ann O'Dyne's piece.


  1. I haven't visited Miss O'Dyne yet but I did hear that the charge was dropped from rape to 'surprise sex' which is an offence peculiar to Sweden.

  2. What surprise sex could mean amuses me no end. Must say, it would be a surprise for me at the moment, and even more of a surprise for you.

  3. Off to read, but I had heard the Swedish gals in question had dropped all charges so....who, in fact, is visiting the surprise rootage upon whom?

  4. Thank you Andrew.
    I am angry on behalf of all the women who have not succeeded legally, after being genuinely viciously raped by a stranger.
    Our Melbourne blogpal Other Rants is also suspicious of the two complainants.
    Sweden has been notorious for decades as a sexually-liberated country. well!

  5. I'm with you, I was ambivalent until the guilty until proved innocent brigade kicked in, now I'm rootin' for him (in a surprise sex kinda way!)

  6. Have they Jayne. I will catch the latest in the morning.

    It was good work Ann. I had been curious and Aus media weren't saying much.

    Good Fen. I suppose there are ordinary people in Aus against him too.

  7. I am with you Andrew and millions of us are out there.

  8. MC, a good bit of what is leaked are things we should have right to know anyway.