Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another remote

The collection of remote control beasts just keeps on growing. I am guessing it is about two and a half years since we bought our Topfield PVR, a digital television recorder. It was troublesome from the start in a chicken and egg way. The problems were endless. We found it best to just leave it on, as it often failed to start. But by leaving it on, it ran very hot and failed in other areas.

Almost against better judgement, R bought a single tuner Topfield PVR for his bedroom tv. It worked well for a long time, but then it started to play up. I am sure I have written about all this in the past. His PVR was playing up because it was too hot because it sat on a dvd recorder below which generated heat. We had thought we had sorted the problem by switching the dvd recorder off, but no. Even in standby it was generating heat, so we unplugged the power lead and all has been well with R's PVR.

Meanwhile the original Topfield machine has continued to problematic. I called Topfield and asked what they could do for us and their defective product. The lad spoke nice words, but nothing happened.

Yesterday we spied a Topfield recorder in Dick Smith that seemed to be equivalent to our machine which cost $700. The new one was for sale at $500. Gung ho R wanted to buy it straight away. I pleaded to just give me some time to check it out on the net. I spent some time doing so and the only difference I could see was that it did not do picture in picture. We used that facility once I think.

While I was happy with the price, I thought I should check out the opposition. Myer had reduced the same machine from $699 to to $560. Similar but not quite as good machine at Good Guys Brighton for the same price.

I took coffee at the outdoor Viet/Thai place opposite the town hall and considered. I flicked through their complimentary newspaper that had a feature on bargaining. I went to the bank and withdrew five hundred dollars so I could say I will pay cash. Dickie Smith bloke was ready to discount an extended warranty, or a reduced price HDMI cable, but no the price is as it is. But between yesterday and today the price at Dick Smith had dropped to $444.

I bought and unlike the old Toppy, the new one just works, brilliantly. The old one looks nicer and you can adjust the skip forward or back individually, and no pic in pic, but otherwise the new one is great and a considerable refinement on the old.

I am not sure what I will do with the old one. There is some stuffs on it that I want to keep, so I guess I will have to get an external hard drive to transfer it.


  1. reduced price HDMI? How much are they charging for one? LOL.

    I have been searching everywhere for those remotes for the power outlets to no avail. Checked 2 big tin shed places, none.

  2. Takes me all day to figure out how to use the damn Foxtel remote.

  3. Last time I checked Fen, anything between $20 and $200.

    Jayne, I assume your 'box' can also digitally record?

  4. For some reason my brain raises a firewall every time you post about remotes and whatever Topfield is. I read and re-read these posts carefully and never take in a word.

  5. If you google HDMI cables, a $20 is as good as a $200 one. They're just ripping you off if you pay anymore than $30. I paid $25 for mine and it works just as it should.


  6. oh and http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1355701

    damn quick fingers

  7. Fen, we have an expensive one, although not $200, and a cheap one and I can't tell any difference.

  8. It's ok Victor. Your weather is very bothersome and christmas is a stressful time. Take a lie down.