Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And so that is christmas

Lordy that christmas is over. We agreed to look after Little Jo today, Tuesday, while Sister and Bone Doctor went to view cricket(insert any sort of sport). They came the day before and we did the Mother transfer thing, where ABI Brother came from where he had been staying to pick up Mother and return her to home. How can we entertain Little Jo? We took her to see the Fairy Tree in Fitzroy Gardens. She had seen it and was not so impressed. If Little Jo could not get into the Tudor Village and walk among the miniature houses, she was still not impressed.

But fate would have it that we found the dragon slide, so she entertained herself for a bit, interrupted by schnacks, as she used to say. She was a bit tired so we took her home. At 6 I drove Sister's car to the local La Porchetta where we met them fresh from the cricket. It was a nice meal and they went off for drinks with friends at the Temperance Hotel in Chapel Street. They were back by nine and we had a reasonably early night.

Tuesday we fried up eggs and very nice left over ham for breakfast and while I cleaned up, they all went down for a swim and spa. Sister and Bone Doctor went off to the cricket and again in Sister's car we took Little Jo to the sand park in Albert Park. She played for a while there and back to the car and moved down to Sandbar for coffee. We stayed over an hour as Little Jo had made friends with other kids and was having a good time. We lounged in deck chairs and make our coffee last.

Sister returned mid afternoon and R made left over pork sandwiches and they departed. We restored the apartment to its normally neat state but no sooner had we rested a bit, Sis in Law, her new beau and his three kids called in for coffee on their way home from Scienceworks. They did not stay too long. I amused them with my retro robot game q and a.

By 6pm there was peace in our time. I poured myself a large drink.

Hydrangeas as we entered Fitzroy Gardens.

Miniature Tudor Village.

The Fairy Tree.

Dragon Slide. Of course I had to try it too.

Next day the Albert Park sand park.

So relaxing. I should have zoomed in closer on the bare top volley ball player.

Nothing odd about a dog on a paddle board is there?


  1. The dragon slide is new since I was last in there...and I found a knitting pattern with a kiddie in amongst the Tudor Village, original cost 2/-

  2. your photos are lovely as usual

  3. Jayne, I just can't see it working on jumper.

    Thanks Fen. Writing is easy. Photos take time.

  4. All that sunshine! You've no idea how much I could do with a bit of that right now. I think I'll just crawl off back to bed and hibernate.

  5. Time to switch that second electric radiator bar on Brian.

  6. I loved the Fitzroy Gardens when I visited Melbourne last year. I have some beautiful photos taken inside the conservatory.

  7. Anonymous4:18 pm

    I love the beach and the gardens, we are so lucky to have all of these places to go to aren't we? Thanks for taking us on a tour Andrew, always enjoyable :)

  8. They are very nice gardens BosGuy. Pity there isn't water running in the creek though. I don't think I have been in the conservatory. I must soon.

    I reckon so Cazzie. Wait till you see the pics from today's outing.