Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ABC Podcasts

The regular radio presenters have bashed off on holidays, and we are now with national programming for much of the time. I have to hear the opines of Mildred in Baulkham Hills, Sydney and Stan in Humpty Doo. Very character building.

It was interesting to me to recently read that podcasts saved ABC's Radio National. Possibly they have. When the shows go to air, it would be rare for me to hear them live. But, I can download them all as podcasts and listen to them at my convenience. I knocked off one and a half hours of them today. I keep up with them all, Rear Vision, Hindsight, Verbatim, Health Report, Science Show, Law Report, 360 Docs. Occasionally even Religion Report.

One of the shows did not put up a downloadable podcast until I sent them an enote. Now another has not. How hard can it be? Get your act together Verbatim. I want to hear about Ian McPhee.

Much as I would be pleased to hear him on air, I expect I will be snoring loudly when James can be heard on air.

Our ABC has amused and entertained me for another year. I thank you all, especially ABC Melbourne radio.


  1. "The regular radio presenters have bashed off on holidays..."

    I'm surprised the photographs weren'tpublished in the Sun.

  2. Yes, James certainly did draw the short straw in broadcast times. I'm wondering whether he will be sending in his performance as a podcast?

  3. You are just not happy with that word are you Brian.

    Hmmm, Victor, he might just be introducing already programmed boring music.

  4. I woke up this afternoon and was greeted by the dulcet tones of everyones favourite Tracy Bartram. I almost threw the radio out the window!

  5. Fen, I didn't have the wireless on but R told me when he arrived home. I suppose you would prefer her on in the morning and then you wouldn't hear her.

  6. Nooo, I'd hear her more if she was on in the morning. I leave work at 6.30am so I'd get a big ear ful of her. It only took her 5 mins to mention herself and her son tonight when I pulled my ear plugs out. Almost a record.

  7. Fen, did you know she grew up in Dandenong?