Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Thatch

There are thousands of shops with accommodation above them all over Melbourne. There are thousands of shops with empty accommodation, the space unused or used as shop storage. They are such a waste of what could be reasonably priced accommodation. This one seems to occupied at least.

I particularly like this one in Glenhuntly Road Elsternwick. Not too many come with a balcony. I wonder if it was once one of a pair. It is said ex British PM Thatcher grew up while living above a shop. Good enough for her.... Could we nick name such an abode as a thatch?


  1. How sweet!
    It would be perfect for a happy single, kick the over-nighter out before the bank opens downstairs in the morn.
    It's always been a single terrace-type abode judging by the 1940's downpipe leading down the outside of the exterior wall (wouldn't be allowed to do that these days unless it had always been like that).

  2. I was going to come back with a line about deposits, but I shan't.

  3. There were a lot of these little shop tops in Highett, with balconies and very spacious inside.

    I want this one.

  4. It looks like a sweet little place to live, I love the balcony.

  5. You'd suit Elsternwick Jahteh, among the buggery old people blocking up the footpaths.

    Yeah River, it really grabbed me. It is a bit unusual.