Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sydney Birds

I was quite pleased to recently hear that there are resident Little Penguins under Manly Wharf in Sydney. They are very threatened, but a lot of volunteer time and authority resources have put in to protecting them. Let us hope the survivors of what once was a significant population can thrive.

Somewhat less liked in Sydney are ibis. At some point when we visit Sydney, we always end up getting a highly priced and poor meal at a cafe adjacent to the Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross. I have been to Sydney perhaps eight times, but it was only the last two visits when I saw ibis walking around outdoor dining tables searching scraps. One of the cafes near Alamein Fountain was the first place I noticed them, then later I think at Darling Harbour. I can cope with sparrows around when I am eating, but any other flapping creatures will have me stamping my foot at them. I did not like the ibis walking around me. But why did they appear in inner Sydney?

It is suggested the lack of food and water because of the drought, they are wading birds, drove them to populated areas. Now that water is aplenty over NSW, will they leave their inner suburban haunts? I doubt it. We humans are very dirty animals and leave a lot of unconsumed over food around.

Research tells me Little Penguins are what we in Victoria know as Fairy Penguins. They are cute but they smell. We have them living at St Kilda Pier and further afield, notably Phillip Island where a doco was made about them and has been screening on ABC1. The doco went down a treat in the UK.

This is an ibis and the photo is from Atoned blog. I don't think they are ugly. He writes, I think it is he, These ugly, ugly birds (Ibis) were all over the place in Darlington Harbor.


  1. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Great pictures Andrew, and great news.. I will have to show Mia, my little vet!

  2. I've seen an Ibis only in books about Egypt. Didn't know they were still around.

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    When I was in Egypt I saw loads of ibis in trees all around Cairo. They were great! Also seen a few in Melbourne from time to time. V.

  4. I've seen that nose before.
    A lordly beak, ah, Sedgwick!

  5. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Darling Harbour

    There are even more now.

  6. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I like the Ibis, especially the ones in Hyde Park when the jump on top of the garbage bins and pull out the rubbish searching for scraps.

  7. I find ibis creepy. They were regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians and I remember seeing mummified remains at the British museum.

  8. ooh yes they STINK.
    My sister used to work at the Penguin Parade and one of our friends was on that show, it made me laugh seeing him pottering about in his boardies on tv! Apparently he's on Totally Wild a lot too!!

  9. I dont know about the penguins.

    Sparrows are rare in the city these days, and Ibis are plentiful. They are assertive rather than aggressive. Put assertive with ugly and you have a public relations nightmare.

  10. Don't know if they are in the wild in Victoria Cazzie. Best for Mia to see some in their natural settings.

    I think they are viewed as a pest in Sydney Peter.

    Ah V, so we do have them in Vic. I recall seeing them in a tree somewhere now you mention it. Maybe a photo.

    He will take his revenge Jahteh.

    Anon, I don't think they will leave now.

    Not nice Anon.

    Really AR? I am indifferent to them. Perhaps because you know more about them, you have a view.

    They are cute to watch though Fen... upwind.

    That is how I found them Julie, assertive but not aggressive. Just wait until the 'cull' word is mentioned and the waste product will hit the fan.

  11. Oh they are dead set awesome to watch, so clumsy and lumbering, but so cute!!