Wednesday, November 17, 2010

South Wharf

It was our second visit to the DFO at South Wharf. I have decided it one of the least inviting areas of Melbourne. How can a river bank setting be ruined? Easily enough if you isolate your shopping centre from the river with odd entrances and long walks along empty and windswept walkways. Out on the southern side of the shopping complex is car parking.....lots of car parking and spaghetti bowl of roads that I have no idea about.

Although we arrived the same way as last time, that is tram along Flinders Street and cross the river by the pedestrian bridge that now has a name, Seafarers Bridge, we went a different way going home, which was better. We just walked along the river bank and caught the tram in Spencer Street into the city. The die has been cast at South Wharf, irredeemably in my opinion.

There were perhaps enough customers in the ground level part of the SW shopping centre, but the upper levels, mostly furniture was empty. At times we and idle staff were the only people to be seen.

Even my Oh My God when I saw this bed was in hushed tones. It is not for the Highrise.

A neighbour in our building looked at buying an apartment in this building, Flinders Wharf Apartments. I quite like it. It would be interesting to look out onto the river.

Just a bit east on the north bank is what is hoped to become a 'dining destination'. I don't expect it will be hosting McDonalds or Hungry Jacks. I think it is called Flinders Wharf. A lot has been spent on the river bank but I did not take the time to have a look on this visit.


  1. If I looked at my own photo, I would have seen that the wharf is called the WTC Wharf, World Trade Centre, not Flinders Wharf.

  2. "The beds Franco Cozzo rejects make Franco Cozzo's beds the best."

  3. A silver bed - -well I never

  4. I haven't ventured that way yet....I may let your visit be the litmus test.

    Did you know about the odd little army barracks in Oakleigh?
    NFI what it's for but they invest in a lot of barbed wire.

  5. "I may let your visit be the litmus test."

    Can't remember all of my chemistry lessons at Ararat High School (I was over in the school plantation smoking pine needles rolled in toilet paper), but my guess would be that Shirl would come down on the acidic side.

  6. silver bed set ftw! LOL.

  7. As mentioned the last time you posted about DFO, I live nearby but I've only ever been a couple of times. I do wonder what they'll do with those low lying sheds outside DFO by the river that seem to have been renovated. Restaurants perhaps?

  8. It was a somewhat Franco Cozzo like LS.

    MC, with all the profit you are making from your book, you should be hunting in the 'Port' for a silver bed.

    Jayne, no army stuff in Oakleigh that I know of.

    Very much alkaline LS. Smoking was much better when the pine needles were stuff into a waxed straw.

    Fen, I had to check what ftw meant. Fucking top wrestplace.

    Yep AR, another 'dining area' for Melbourne. Btw, is that your building in the background of one of the photos?