Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sad Day

It is a sad day across Tasman Sea in the land of the Long White Cloud. I looked at their photos to see how many were f'able and none particularly seemed to be. Just very ordinary blokes doing an honest day's work but in a bad workplace situation.

I have been to Greymouth, in our hired campervan. I would have to check our photos, but I think we partook of lunch there. I so want to pronounce Greymouth as Greymth. I have always thought of it that way. Let me check where it is. Yes, we stopped there and bought supplies before we tackled Arthurs Pass.

How defective my memory can be. I just saw a town south of Greymouth called Hokitika. I am sure we went there. Why would we go there and back track to Arthurs Pass? I have looked at the map some more, and we clearly did not go over Arthurs Pass, but Haast Pass or something like that. We spent a day or two at Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. Yes, now I remember. Haast Pass. Be fair, it was nearly thirty years ago.

I love it when conspiracy theories come out. It just shows that wool cannot be pulled over eyes. We need to remain suspicious. I was puzzled about what the latest explosion was ignited by, but smouldering coal from the first explosion sounds quite plausible. While I would not put it past authorities to initiate a final explosion to end what was perhaps futile hope, there were too many people involved for such a thing to not get out.

This is getting very random now. Can anyone tell I don't have to work tomorrow?

I was surprised that NZ's tory PM sounded so like someone from NZ. I know some NZ people can talk proper like, but clearly he is not one of them. Former PM Mrs Clark, being from the Labour Party, had a very down to earth, if not odd manner of speaking, but I don't think her vowels were worse than the present tory PM. How come he did not go to a posh school and have these nasty vowel sounds beaten out of him? What sort of tory leader can he be? Have NZ private schools failed?

I am not sure that it is such a great idea to send blokes underground to dig up stuffs. The death tally in China must amount to thousands. In Australia, not sure about NZ, we have royal commissions when such disasters happen. I think one is called for here. Royal Commissions are quite bureaucratic and expensive, but seem to get good results.

I might say to R cya when he departs for work. He comes home. His work place does his head in, but it is not life threatening.

What has happened in NZ is a bad.


  1. I have little faith in Royal Commissions. Crap still happens. Key certainly is a Tory, but advertises himself as a state house created one. Thanks, very sincerely, for your thoughts today, Andrew.

  2. Sad, so very sad.

  3. In Australia that 17 year old boy would not have spent his first day down in the mine - all miners have to spend 2 weeks in the classroom learning about safety etc...such a shame - there were some wonderful faces there - and now some very sad famililes

  4. Ok, I didn't know that MC. Interesting.