Monday, November 29, 2010


The Victoria restaurant was a favourite with gay men, possibly due to the very bitchy Asian born owner who could trade insults with the best that any gay queen could dish out. She was also very friendly and welcoming, flirty and quite charming. That is how I remember her anyway. She sold the restaurant and I was told she opened a new restaurant nearby and of course took all her customers with her. The Victoria did not last too long after that. The new shopping centre with Daiso occupying an area at the top was under construction when I took this.

Wow, Tran Tran has had a big makeover. We ate there last night. More on that later.

I think this is the hotel where Dukes was, a gay bar with drag shows on the bartop. It used to be jam packed in its heyday.

A bit of art deco.

I wonder what the purpose of the door at the top of this shop would have been? Loading in hay?

These two building were ugly when they were built and must have been recognised as such as they have not been maintained. I will guess they will be demolished, sooner rather than later. It was no where near nine o'clock.


  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    Victoria Street is still one of my favourite eating strips when down in Melb. I luv how they are so brazen with the drug dealing on the street in broad daylight.

  2. Indeed. My next Richmond post will have some details.

  3. That doorway is more likely to have been one of those sash windows with the top that slid down and the lower window that went up.
    No sign of any kind of landing or balcony for it to be a functioning doorway, especially in a busy street.
    Then again, there's no sign of my functionality at most times, either :P

  4. Pretty big window Jayne. Maybe one of those windows with non opening multiple panels.

  5. Golly now I've been to Dukes, twas some years back, I think it had past it's heyday, I think the Exchange was all the rage, circa 1986

  6. I may have only been once Ian and I really cannot recall which year, but I would guess mid eighties.