Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Race Call

I don't normally pay much attention to the Melbourne Cup race call on tv. I did a bit this year and some other races. I noted a pronunciation problem. Conquering, a horse, should not sound like cock ring.

But worse, or more amusing depending on your view, was the phrase, 'and it is Shocking up the rear'.

Profit and loss statement tomorrow. Who won the barbecue sweep? The art collector rich Jewish divorcee who's cup day dress up head piece came from South Melbourne Market. We know her quite well but it was the first time I have seen her in outdoors daylight. The sun is not a friend to older people or drag queens, or those in between.


  1. Apparently no agreement on the pronunciation of Americain either.

    Ameri-cane; or

    Ameri-carn; or


  2. sunlight is nobody's friend, although it is crucial for food production..

    I tuned in quite late in the day, and tuned out very swiftly due to the unbearably stupid commentator who chased the French women and repeated robustly several times to a girl with NO English
    "You've won the TommyWoodCOCKcup"

    if she had one word of english it would be cockUp, call me crazy, and the poor girl must have thought he was crazy too. correctly.
    I was so glad to see the french chicks giving horsey a bucket of water immediately after the race.

  3. A few bob each way saw our wallets a little heavier, thanks to my cousin who picked the horse for his owners ;).

  4. Anonymous9:43 am

    'The sun is not a friend to older people or drag queens, or those in between.'

    Where do fit Andrew? :)

  5. Victor, I would go with cane, but no one else seems to be much.

    Australian media embarrassing us as usual Mod.

    Nice one Jayne. Ah, inside info. I won't say anything.

    I fit wherever I can Anon.

  6. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Now is the Sun a fan to people with fake tan.. the orange type... or people with Vampire white skin., haha

  7. If it is really good skin Cazzie, I like vampire white.