Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the horizon

After peering at our view over Melbourne's eastern suburbs for eight years plus, I still notice new things. Today it was a tower with satellite looking dishes on top of them and a large flat mound on the horizon before we can see the Dandenong Ranges. Some of you will have guessed already, as I did without checking. I will check now.

Could it be that kind of reservoiry thingie off Canterbury Road just before Elgar Road? There is a water tower too. I am not sure, because the tower thing with the dish like objects that I can see is on the south of the whatever and the water tower is on the north, and if the large flat elevated object is water storage, it seems to be empty.

Perhaps I am looking at Watsonia army stuff...nah, too far north for my view.



  1. There's two reservoirs and towers, one on either side of Canterbury Rd.

  2. I remember Watsonia and the Army camp. My first hubby was a soldier, we lived there in 1981-83

  3. Ah yes, so there is. They do appear to be empty don't they.

    River, it isn't an area I am familiar with at all. I did know there is some army base nearby though. Maybe some top secret spying stuff!