Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Street Directory Ads

I can't remember if I liked Toppa Icecream. If I can't remember, I suppose it was ok. I wonder what happened to 'Australia's most progressive ice cream company'? Insufficiently progressive? Looks progressive enough to me, with three telephone lines in. Embracing technology what.

Funny, the word heart was replaced with the heart symbol way back when. Given the date, that would be an FJ Holden. I wonder if anyone could make a related name to call out of the phone numbers for media advertising? Obviously 'call Bourke now' won't work.


  1. ooh I could do with some icecream about now. Love the way they spell wagon with two G's.

  2. Garn, you know you want this *snort*
    Toppa ice cream is alive and well in NZ, although the Aussie Toppa was created by Tatura Milk don't know if they're one and the same.

  3. I remember Toppa and I think they made the Heart - heart shaped vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate

  4. I used to work in Capel Street and Queen Street.

    I just ate a bowl of ice cream (not Toppa).

    My parents used to eat the Heart ice creams Loz mentioned when I was a kid.

    Random thoughts...

  5. now tell me... why did the telephone numbers used to be shown to start with two letters? Instead of "FJ" why didn't they just say "35"? Did the letters have any significance?

    Although it's a case of 'back to the future' now as so many telephone numbers are now represented as words. A lot of marketing people are making a lot of money from that I'm sure!

  6. Fen, I never noticed waggon. I guess that was how it used to be spelt. Just checked two oldish Oxford dictionaries and it seems two gees was British and Commonwealth spelling. Since the word now looks wrong to us, I guess we use US spelling.

    As a bed side lamp Jayne? Interesting about Toppa being a creation of Tatura Milk.

    Ah Loz, the Heart. Very smooth creamy icecream, superior to the Choc Wedge.

    FL, I know where Capel Street is as I had reason to know. There was a business there I had to visit, but I can't remember now. For all the exotic ice cream you can get now, nothing beats a creamy vanilla.

    It was a missed marketing opportunity TVAU. While that style of phone number had gone when I was a kid, there was still plenty of evidence of it having been around. I did ask my father about it one day, but never received a satisfactory answer. I know it indicated a location, as do the first four numbers of our phone numbers. I expect the letters indicated which exchange the phone was connected to, but numbers would have done that job just as well.