Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh no, not the 'Gate'

I blame Daniel. It is some synchronicity or telepathy or something. I suggested to Mother that we go and buy her underwear and stockings at Myer Frankston and visit Savers and call in on Sis in Law, as Mother has requested in the past.

No, she said. I am sure its because Daniel hates me but Mother wanted to go to Fountain Gate........via the Pakenham bank.........via Heritage Springs.....lordy, don't ask, chemist warehouse or something.

Mother has a disabled pass thingie to put in the car, but there were all these buggery disabled people parked in the disabled places, leaving me to drop her off and go and find a normal car space. Between a car that just beat us to a disabled place and me parking the car in the distance, those who stole our disabled place got out of their car, all three of them on zimmer frames and ever so slowly made their way into the shopping centre. They got separated as two of them needed the lav as soon as they arrived and the other one was so slow.

Meanwhile Mother did not go into the nearest entrance but went around the corner to the entrance she knew and sat on a seat. I just waited for her at the entrance near where I dropped her off and eventually she realised that where she was, was not where I would enter. She dragged me around to the entrance she wanted to use, and I pointed out how much more we had unnecessarily walked. Oh yes, she said.

I am not sure why Mother wanted me to park there. Every shop she wanted to go to was at the other end of the shopping centre. We could have parked there. Back in Pakenham she had protested about a walk between the bank and supermarket, a one minute walk. No Mother, I am not driving 20 metres to find another car parking space.

We had lunch where Mother, the late Step Farther and their married couple friends used to meet for a Friday night meal. Mother pointed out where they used to sit and many details.

Mother managed to find a very cheap gift for ABI Brother's birthday, Sister for christmas, and a a nice dress for Little Jo, all at $2 type shops. Well, Little Jo's dress cost $25.

It must have been a mile back to the car, but Mother, who has been going to the shopping centre since it opened, managed to get us lost. Mother walks at the speed as you would when trying to shuffle through a thick crowd of people.

Mother hadn't finished yet. She wanted to go to Sam's Warehouse. We drove around, around and around and eventually found it. The very cheap catfood that she feeds the strays was not on special as she thought. Instead she bought potting mix. That was ok, because I bought two pair of reading glasses for $12.

The freeway between Fountain Gate and Pakenham is very very boring. I chose to drive back to Mother's place on the old highway. It was much more interesting.

Going to Mother's, there was a problem in the Citylink tunnel for no reason for what I could see except too many trucks. As the car climbed the hill to the Burnley exit at about 20 kmh, the air was so thick with truck fumes, it was nearly causing visibility problems. What? I am paying for this shite? I did have a dream run home though via Citylink. I don't mind paying then. It is rare that R is late home from work, but he had a meeting and came home via the Melba (Ringwood) tunnel and Eastern freeway. Haha, I had the Etag in my car. Not so haha, we both needed the Etag thing. That is going to cost extra.

As I was telling Mother how much I disliked Fountain Gate, she was telling me how much she liked it.


  1. Why is it I am laughing you might ask? Well, when my Grandmother, God rest her soul, lived with me, she was much the same as your Mum. Actualy, she was like it even before that. I used to stay with her when I was on my training placement for morning shift. Nanna Tess would wake up before the crack of dawn. It was great, because, I do not do mornings, and she would wake me up with breakfast cooked and my nursing uniform all warmed up in front of the heater. Oh I miss her so... where was I? Oh yeah.. well, I would take my Nanna shopping every week.
    There were certain shops she liked to go to for all manner of items. I could not suggest any other shop for any of her items because she was so stuck in her ritual. Including the entrance and exits of the shopping centre and the place to park. Just the same as your Mum.
    I think, even though it is tiring for them to walk such distances for seemingly (to us enyway)no good reason, it gives them a chance to gripe. Haha, I miss it.
    I remember her chant every time she entered the Forges in Footscray.. walking up to the double doors, hear the heaters blasting air downwards as you approach, Nanna Tess would exclaim "Phewwweyy, that air is so hot!" Every single time!

  2. HHHMMMmmm... yes, I see that there are some advantages to living in a different state to ones parents ...

    Happy travels!!

  3. There's a Myer store in Frankston?!

  4. Wow Cazzie, I had a Nanna Tess too, my father's step mother. She was not the shopping kind though, more the drinking kind. Forges has a great history hey.

    Indeed there are Red. S'pose I would miss her though.

    I believe so FL. Yes, I remember, it is multi storey I think. PS, thanks for the locations of some good old signs.

  5. send me your account number and I'll send an extra for free. You don't actually get charged for it, they just make you top up the account by $50.

  6. That story fills me with horror what with it being on the eve of taking my mad mother to Essendon DFO for her annual Xmas shopping expedition.

    To give you an idea of what we're in for here's a snippet of the phone conversation yesterday when she was sorting out things for the trip to 'the big smoke'.

    "So, can you work this out for me. I've got 45 $50 notes. How much is that in money?"

    Tell her the answer .

    "Oh, that's good, I'll have enough then. I won't have to go to the bank. So that will save a bit of time" ?!

    And she'll rattle about DFO with all those $s stuffed into her handbag - a handbag she's very adept at losing, as she is adept at throwing envelopes stuffed with hundreds of dollars into the recycle bin.

    It's gonna be fun.

  7. Kind offer Fen, but I don't want one. It is the first time we have both needed it and R did not know in advance he would be using Eastlink. Although in theory Citylink is good for him to get home from the eastern burbs, it costs a lot to use it daily and so he only used it if he wanted a quick trip home. It so often congested now, he has stopped using it entirely to get home from work.

    Well LS, at least you can keep your hands in your pockets. Mine are never in mine when Mother is around. I note DFOs have a lot of bloke seats spread around.
    Take your sketch pad.

  8. Ha Ha. I remember the last time I took my mum around a large shopping centre. We were living at Semaphore, mum came to visit from Port Pirie ans wanted to visit West Lakes. But she had bad arthritis and couldn't walk more than about twenty steps before needing another sit down. They had wheelchairs for hire there, so I got her one and I pushed while she directed. Here. There. Over that way. Bugger! At least it was only one storey. A few years earlier, we'd gone to Marion shopping centre, multi storey. We got lost several times in there, and now it's even bigger.

  9. River, my mother would never use a chair. How could she complain about the pain. These shopping centres are just too big to be friendly now.