Friday, November 26, 2010

My most boring post ever?

Life exhausts me at times. Without too much to do at home, by about 1pm today I finally got off the internet, that is I had caught up on various things and what youse had all said. I did get lots of other stuff done too. I might spend a lot of time on the internet thingie, but it is rare that I would sit at the pc for very long. One day R will snap and and ask why can't just be still and sit in one place for more than a few minutes. Hey, I do when Spooks is on, except R doesn't like the show, so I have to record it and watch it later, so it turns into I am still up and down.

The important things today was to sort out some biz in Richmond and catch the Frankston, the official abbreviation being FKN, train to Glenhuntly station to meet R and be at our friend's new abode in Caulfield by 4pm.

Last time I looked at a timetable for public transport, I screwed it up. I was looking at pm Sunday when we needed am times and Tram Tracker was telling me the truth. Tram Tracker on your pc is pretty good.

Today again I misread train times. I need a ruler to put across my computer screen. I had just missed my FKN trian to Glenhuntly, and then a short walk to see our friends new place where R would meet me after his work.

Before the next FKN train arrived, there was the Gippsland train due at the same platform, stop Richmond, next stop Nar Nar Goon. Ha, Mother used to be abuser of the country train service to get to Pakenham. She always pleaded silly old woman when challenged. Full speed express from Richmond to Nar Nar Goon? Maybe our public transport is not so bad.

(Haha Peter, there is some good stalking you can do)

So I just missed the FKN train. Maybe if I wait on the Richmond platforms I will see one of our new trains? Nah, did not. There is an awful lot of trains that go through Richmond at that time though. (If you are in Sydney, think Redfern)

While the FKN train I missed was on time, the next FKN train was seven minutes late and duly overcrowded. No one recognised me as an old person and offered me a seat, but I did find my own.

The FKN train runs right behind our friend's new abode, but in spite of peering out, I could not see their place. I alighted from the FKN train at Glenhuntly. I lived in the area a few decades ago, but the area was a bit pretty hazy for me now. I walked westward briefly and stopped and realised I need to go east and then north. The Neerim Road crossing on the FKN train line is pedestrian unfriendly. Pedestrians will only cross on the eastern side of the FKN train line. As I stood there and tried to work out the crossing, a FKN train approached and the booms came down. I just walked across the road as everything was stopped. I gave a thought to when I briefly lived nearby and there wasn't a boom gate and a bloke came out of box to open and shut the railway gates. He had a brazier to keep keep him warm in the winter. In spite of being of being gay, I do like a good brazier.

Although the FKN train was late, the train trip wasn't a bad experience for me, unlike when I had a really bad train trip when going to Sister's old place in Murrumbeena. Yeah, the FKN train worked ok for me.

Our friend's partner is used to catching the Dandenong train to work. Ok. It could be some other far out destination train point, but for my mind, it is the Dandenong train. He now has a choice between the Dandenong train and the FKN train line, both lines being equidistant from his abode. He caught the FKN train the first day and was dumped at Flinders Street Station when he needed to get to Flagstaff Station. Poor luv, I am sure he will work it all out in time. Perhaps he will have to do the Richmond Station dash.

Our friend's new place is very smart, two bedrooms with ensuites and a study. Very high ceilings and high quality finishes. But already they have made it look overcrowded and junky. The railway line is only metres away but with the double glazed windows, the trains pass by pretty well silently.

Here is a list of issues they found the first day.
Our friend's shower would not drain. Plumber discovered the tiler had left a protective plug in the drain.
A kitchen cupboard door opens fully and presses the start button on the dishwasher.
The water is solar heated, supplemented by an instantaneous water heater. The water was very cool.
No cutlery insert in the cutlery drawer.
The edge of a drawer had been trimmed and not repainted.
While there are outdoor power points in what is a utility area, there is none on the decking where they want to put a bar fridge.
The hole placement for the fill and drain for the washing machine is entirely in the wrong place.

These have or will be fixed. What they are not sure about is that they have a tank and alternative plumbing to flush the lavs. But there is no pump and the toilets are connected to the mains water.

I hope Loz and his better half have taken note.


  1. Why would I stalk, Nar Nar Goon is easy to find in Wiki,_Victoria

  2. The Wiki article triggered a memory Peter. The murals. I took a few snaps of them. I had completely forgotten that we were there only last year.

  3. LOL
    I've been tempted to jump the train to Nar Nar Goon.
    Then sanity kicks in and I behave myself *sigh*.

  4. sooo ... your take on the results please.

    From up here, the 'ethical' stance on preferences would have swayed me.

    And although the Greens are putting on a brave face, I suspect they would be disappointed with their result. Yes, they did not get the preferences, but the vote then was never theirs to claim. Surely some of these could have been expected to have converted to 1st prefs under the circumstances.

    I am quite anti-Green, so I need another view on the result. Was it the pipeline?

    Any federal implications?

    Did not see Madden's name on the list of losers.

  5. Nar Nar Goon has those nice murals Jayne. Worth a look.

    Julie, Madden has a reasonably safe seat although less safe than it was.

    I can't find a list of the seats and votes and the Electoral Commission's website has crashed, so just from memory from last night, I was astonished how high the primary Green vote was, especially in seats where I wouldn't have expected it. Even in some dyed in the wool National Party seats, they received a good vote.

    Yes, the result for Greens is disappointing, as it has been in the last two State elections. They are always forecast to do much better than they do.

    It seems the pipeline did not have a huge effect. I think it all comes down to public transport and waste, especially Myki, the new ticket system. You could add a stale government and planning. The old ticket system wasn't broke and people had become very used to it. They would have been ok with a new one, if it wasn't for the delays and costs.

    I would have to look at the seat boundaries, but it astonished me that working class areas like Frankston and Cranbourne can get such high Liberal votes.

    I don't think there will be Federal implications in that an election is three years away, unless something goes wrong with the present arrangement.

    I am not displeased with the result actually, whoever forms government. But check back with me on that in a year or so.

  6. Yes, I am not displeased with the result either, for what business it is of mine.

  7. The train wouldn't have been express to NNG. Try express Richmond to Caulfield, to Clayton, to Dandenong, to Berwick, to Pakenham, then it stops at Nar Nar Goon. Doesn't sound as good as the announcement says.

    NNG's main highlight apart from murals is random op shops selling stuff really cheaply. The general store has an aerial photo of the town on the wall and it doesn't really look that impressive from above.

    The other highlight is the pub. What else would you do if you lived there?

  8. 'What else would you do if you lived there?' Drive to Tynong for some entertainment? A friend of my mother's was involved in one of the op shops in NNG.

    While I don't disbelieve you, that was the the display screen said. It was about 3.20pm. Ok, I just checked. You are right. Obviously the screen only shows the stations where you can leave the train, not get on it. You can't believe how disappointed I am that it does not speed through all those stations. I guess it would catch up to the suburban train anyway.

  9. Julie, as much business of yours as NSW politics and Barangaroo is of mine. I had occasion today to look at Point Piper by satellite photos. I could live in Wolseley Road, facing the harbour of course. Wow, even the the places facing the beach have swimming pools. Swimming pools in Melbourne are generally being filled in.