Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just a Name

I am fine with the major streets of the western end of Melbourne's city streets, but for some reason, the eastern ones are problematic. I know Russell Street and Exhibition Streets are between Swanston and Spring Streets, but I could never remember the order. Like more recently when one of my blog mates told me a way or remembering how to spell Woolloomooloo, sheep toilet, cow toilet, I needed a reminder method. I invented my own, RES. Russell, Exhibition, Spring.

Then there are places that confuse me.

I struggle with Whittlesea and Winchelsea.

Patterson Lakes should have a nearby Taylors Lakes, but it doesn't. Diametrically opposed and a couple of hours distant.

New housing estates have their own names but umbrellared by a suburb name. Where Mother lives in an old farming town but there are many new estates. A small shopping centre Mother drags me to at times is called Heritage Springs. I thought it was Lakeside. Given that I never saw a lake, I should have twigged.

We can never travel to ABI Brother's house without a childish smuttish snigger as we pass by a new estate, Falling Waters.

Any of your own that leave you confused, wrong or never quite sure?


  1. Bayswater.
    I'm easily confused so...

  2. cynical me thinks any 'estate' with any reference to water in it's name, is probably built over an old swamp.
    and speaking of swamps ...
    and since I am in the ti-tree of the southern peninsula, let me tell you how thrilled you would be to pay $2m for your shack in Blairgowrie Sorrento or Portsea, and be consumed by squadrons of black mosquitos every cocktail hour. They love ti-tree scrubland.

    'Falling Water' is a Frank Lloyd-Wright house in the US.

  3. Err, had to think about it Jayne, but yes.

    Mod, in this case it isn't built on a swamp, but most of the estates around there are. This draining of swamps everywhere can't be a good thing.

    So they need drop nets on their lanais?

  4. I can NEVER remember where Eltham is. To me it should be near Elwood, but it's not!

  5. oh and ps - what about Doreen? What a stupid name for a suburb. I live in Doreen. *sniggers*

  6. In my own neck of the woods, mnemonics include 'Unclean toilet mat' for Blackpool, 'Heavy Log' for Poulton (Pole-ton, get it?) and 'Prince Charles's performance in bed' for 'Fleetwood'.

  7. Here's your formula Fen. Elwood sea change, Eltham tree change. The first time I heard Doreen mentioned on radio, I thought someone was kidding.

    Gross as usual Brian.

  8. If you can't work out the difference between Russell and Exhibition then good luck finding Stephen Street...

  9. Ah, but I know about Stephen Street, then later the bottom bit being Collins Place.