Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just another Sunday

I woke extremely hungover this morning as I drank too much last night. While it is no indicator of how much I drink, I can't recall the last time I felt badly hungover. I was stressed last night.

We looked after Little Jo while Sister and Bone Doctor went to a ball at Melbourne's Aquarium. Yes, sounds odd to me. The writing was on the wall when Little Jo stated she was going to stay up all night. R actually looks after her, I am on periphery, the servant in waiting if you like. If the worst happened last night, R would have to drive Little Jo to hospital as I ended up in no state to drive.

Little Jo rekindled some memories for me last night. She used every delaying tactic to not go to bed she could think of. I did exactly the same when I was a kid. There was a difference though. I used to exercise these delay skills at 8.30. She was still using them at midnight.


She rushed to R with tears.

Sister and Bone Doctor arrived home just after midnight. Without a word, Sister scooped up the still awake Little Jo and went straight to bed. We chatted to Bone Doctor for a bit, then we all retired.

Sister had a swimming class to teach at 9.30, so by 7.30 they were up. They did a scoop and run with Little Jo who was still sound asleep at 8.00. Hungover or not, I was up and bade them farewell.

We were to meet our dyke friend who has just returned from Singapore and Japan on work related stuff for brunch at Mojito. I should have believed tram tracker and not my last night drunken looking at the timetable. We missed the tram. I said we will get the next tram to the corner of Commercial Road and walk. R said we should wait for the bus. We walked and of course the bus passed by. I hate getting marked with a transport fail, but I failed. We were only ten minutes late and we had taken some good exercise. We had a nice brunch and a chat. We then went into town. T Hub, sorry, the area upstairs where you want to look at mobile phones is closed. We looked at phones at the adjacent phone shops. Then I remembered AR had said something about a new look Myer. Not too bad at all. The lifts looked gorgeous and the lighting wasn't too bad either. We crossed over to the Lonsdale Street part, and we realised just how bad the Myer store had become in comparison to the new part. There is even a counter to sip your coffee and look out onto the street, except it is the opposite side of the street. No sign of the iced coffee machine though.

There are only two floors operating on Myer Lonsdale Street now, ground and 4. They will soon go too. We went on to QV and again looked at the lounge suite we would like to buy if we didn't have huge pending tax bill to pay. The lass remembered us and said she could talk turkey on price and be very agreeable on price and conditions and payment options. Sorry darls, the tax man cometh.

More mobile phones, digital radios, Ipads, Iphones and Windows 7 we looked at. We need none of them, but hey, our lives are empty. We can fill our empty lives with gadgets.

While I caught up with what youse have all written, R had his Nanna Nap


  1. Just be grateful Little Jo hasn't taken up more devious tactics...My friends sent their daughter to her room recently for being naughty. Twenty minutes later, when the parents went to retrieve her, she pointed to a pile of vomit in the corner of the room.

  2. AR, I wouldn't put that past her. But I don't think she has had to resort to that tactic yet.