Monday, November 15, 2010

Growing Remotes

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we replaced the glass hall table with a cupboard and blocked off easy access to the power point? The power point was where we switched four lamps off and on. We did not know how we were going to address the difficult access to the power point. Eventually we decided on a power board that would sit just in under the cupboard and it would have individual switches.

But look what we found for only twenty dollars more than the normal power board, one with a remote control. Each button switches on or off a outlet and there is a master button to switch them all off. Little Jo really enjoys the new toy. Well, maybe I do too.

I would like one for the other three lamps, but one is entirely separate, so that is not going to work.


  1. Whoa! That collection of remotes is SO impressive! But somehow I never thought of home appliances as being toys? Obviously there's a new strata of enjoyment just waiting to be mined!!

    Happy travels!!

  2. Did you get the power point remote one from Aldi? I would like one of those so I can switch all my tv and stuff off easily.

  3. Geek kid turns off the Foxtel remote somehow, leaving us pointing and pressing in vain like rabid gun slingers without bullets.
    One step up from removing the batteries... :P

  4. Not really Red. We are not exactly high tech. The VCR one hasn't been used of a long long time.

    Fen, that is why they are so good. So easy to switch everything off. It came from the really big hardware store with a large tin roof. I believe there is on near you.

    Jayne, get him a powerboard and a remote to play with. He will love it.

  5. Ah ! The old remote control collection - it just grows and grows

  6. It does MC. The VCR one is pretty well redundant though.

  7. ooh goodie, well I shall go find me some soon, coz I need to invest in some to turn everything off at once.

  8. So lazy Fen. So convenient and quick though.


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