Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flashing at the Opera House

Flash Mob again, this time on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. Just fantastic. It makes me want to go out clubbing and dancing. Well done Joyce Maynge and all.
Other Flash Mob vids, The Rocks, Queen Victoria Building and my absolute favourite, Bondi Beach, nothing to do with the bare flesh of course.

Kyles and Danni both tweeted their approval.


  1. I'm glad they provide a contact site at the end of the vid, I'd love to either participate or be present at one of these flashes.

  2. I absolutely love this,. I so wish I were there participating. Love the place.. love the music, love the people.. Love Kylie :)

  3. Participate I was told via email ahead of time. I'll let you know next time.

    Such happy feel good stuff Cazzie.

  4. Thanks for the links. I'd heard about these but had not seen them yet.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. J Bar, they are truly happy stuff. I watched all of them again and they made me smile.