Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doing the biz for $$$

That creepy old Ratzinger bloke says it ok for male prostitutes to use condoms to prevent the transfer of disease. God save us from stupid old white men.

In a strongly catholic country like Ireland the number of children women give birth to has dropped from six or seven a few decades ago to two or three. No more quick trips across the Irish Sea for women to get an abortion in England. Clearly old popey is starting to see that his proclamations are being widely ignored and has made a small step into the world of reality and the 21st century.

Has anyone actually added up how many kiddie fiddler priests there are in the world? Well, the ones who have been caught at least. Just wait until some of the third world catholic country pedo priests get discovered. I suppose all these priest would not need condoms for their activities as most of their victims are too young to breed and nor would they have an STD.

Apart from, obviously, the victims, you know who I really for sorry for? It is the decent and honourable priests who are only misguided for following religion but otherwise have led decent, selfless and honourable lives. And if women had been allowed to be priests, the number pedo priests would have been minimal. As well as the men having less numbers, the women in positions of power would not have tolerated bad behaviour to the degree the men in the church hierarchy have. Lordy, move the molesters onto another parish where they have another lovely lot of fresh meat. Great idea, not.

Another person seems a bit troubled by the antics of a local catholic school. Never happen in a protestant school of course. Goes without saying really...doesn't it?


  1. Good points, Andrew.

    I've always wondered why any god-fearing, church-going Catholic sought to hear the marital and moral advice from a bunch of supposed virgins. That's like getting a baker to service your car!

  2. Quite true Kath. If priests enter service at a young age, what could they know about life matters such as love, sex and the whole damn thing.

  3. That's like getting a baker to service your car!

    Would be OK if the baker providing the service wore a yeasty condom before he got anywhere the exhaust pipe.

  4. You are gross LS.