Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Collingwood Stroll

I only know one part of Collingwood well. Actually one street and anyone in the know would guess it is Peel Street.

I decided to educate myself a little with a walk along Johnston Street from Brunswick Street to Hoddle Street. I am not sure how far it is, maybe two to three kilometres. I knew there were buses to catch back. Flat and downhill is one thing. Uphill is another for my non Sydney trained legs.

I didn't take too many snaps. Ah, there is the famous or infamous Tote Hotel. It is not pretty so I did not take a snap. The further I went the more industrial it became. I can't say Johnston Street is pretty, but it is interesting.

But how gorgeous is the Bendigo Hotel!

A rooftop zombie with his pet water bird?

This, presumable a house, is unusual for Melbourne with its bluestone ground level and brick second storey.


  1. The very first edition of The Age, 1854, has a front page report on the construction of St.Marks in Collingwood.

    you haven't solved that restaurant puzzle?

  2. Anonymous9:43 am

    I luv the artwork on top of the shop awnings in Melb. Is there a dedicated site to them, Andrew?

  3. I haven't solved the restaurant puzzle yet. It will come to me, or I will post what I have written and someone will remember.

    Not that I know of Anon. There should be especially as such things are inclined to be very temporary. I have enough to do with old signs.