Friday, November 19, 2010


I don't really have a sweet tooth. As I have aged, my desire for things like chocolate has waned. Two weeks ago I was passing the confectionery aisle in the supermarket and I for some reason I decided a wanted a bag of lollies. Seems I am not the only one fond of liquorice bullets. The bullets were ok, not high quality though. I had a few, maybe six and kind of forgot about them. A week later I remembered them. R must have put them in the fridge. I checked, nope.

'Do you you know what happened to my bullets Mr R?'
'They got eaten.'
My mind worked quickly. No one else could have eaten them. I pulled a face at R.
'I only had a few', I said in my most guilt laying plaintive wail.

Right, I am going to treat myself. Forget the bullets. I want chocolate covered aniseed rings from a proper chocolate shop. Darrell Lea will do nicely. I walked up Swanston Street, but the Darrell Lea shop has closed? I just saw one in the city the other day, but I couldn't remember where.

But then I came to Haighs. I know they make very nice sweets. Yay, chocolate covered aniseed rings. Not so yay was the price, $8 for 200g. I paid anyway. I et a few on the way home, gave R a couple and put them in my bedroom away from passing light fingers. I stretched them out to two days. Gosh they were expensive, but very very nice.

When I was at Fountain Gate with Mother earlier this week, she pointed out the Darrell Lea shop there and told me about a joke my late step father played on one of the friends they used to meet on Friday nights. As they were having dinner, Step Father casually mentioned to the female friend that the Darrell Lea shop was closing. This friend has a very sweet tooth and buys a lot of confectionery at Darrell Lea. She went into panic and rushed from their table into DL next door to check if it was true. It wasn't and she came out of the shop with murderous intent towards my step father.

Now had Mother not told me about this, I would not have noticed the DL shop, but while she went to the toilet, I popped in and bought some more chocolate covered aniseed rings at about half the price of Haigh ones. Ok, they were not quite as nice as the Haigh ones, but pretty good value I reckon.

I probably won't bother with chocolate now for a few months.


  1. Darrell Lea stuff is available at most NEWSagents funnily enough.

    Love the aniseed rings and they are perfect for dieting - eat 3, feel too sick to eat anything else for the rest of the day. total kilojoules = fewer than actual MEALs.

    I miss the clown outfits the DL assistants had to wear.
    There really is a 'Darrell Lea' too

  2. Ah yeah. Now you mention it...yes, I have seen DL in newsagents and maybe chemists too. DL has a very fine history.

  3. ooh I love me raspberry bullets covered in chocolate. Mmmmm. I ate half a freddo frog earlier and it tasted funny so I threw the rest away. I'm a horrible sweet tooth, so I try to keep chocolate out of my house.

  4. Some years back a work colleague was waiting for a taxi outside a DL shop in the Sydney CBD late at night when he noticed some movement in the window.


    He rang the Dept of Health the next morning only to receive a bored reaction...'we know all about them, we get complaints about them all the time'.

    I have a shocking sweet tooth that I succumb to with binges every few weeks or so.

  5. Raspberry bullets hey. I'll give them a try.

    Victor, maybe I won't try anymore from that chain.

  6. I love choc-covered aniseed rings. When I was pregnant with my last baby I ate them every day. My husband at the time joked that the baby would be born chocolate coloured with black hair. Didn't happen, the boy is blond with blue eyes. anyway, I still love them and bullets too. My kids like the raspberry bullets, but I prefer the licorice ones.

  7. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Oh, now you've got me dreaming about DL licorice - my absolute favourite! Why don't they open a store in Hirosaki???? V.

  8. oh Victor - they weren't rattus rattus, they were chocolate covered filigree hamsters ...

  9. River, I don't recall that they are a required part of a pregnant woman's diet? Note the spelling diference between our liquorice/licorice. Maybe I am wrong.

    V, I care for you so much that I shan't send you food they may cause diabetes.

    Hamsters Em Stacks. No problem then.

  10. If it's any help to you, I noticed that Woolworths last night advertised that Darrel Lea liquorice is now available in their supermarkets. I assume that it's the chocolate and well as the non-chocolate-covered variety.

  11. Ah Kath, supposed to be a special treat, not something you shove in your shopping basket. I will avoid it. Remember when chicken was a special treat? The chickens do I reckon.

  12. I feel my Craving in DL now. that's one of my favorites... when I was a kid I hid chocolates under my pillow and it ended with the ant bites :)

    1. Almost spam, but it is a terrific anecdote.