Saturday, November 06, 2010


By Sue Dohnym,(very good) State Political Reporter

The Victorian Government yesterday commissioned a Feasibility Study to investigate the shortfall of funding for more feasibility studies.

And so the clever and humourous piece goes on. I don't think I can directly link to it but if you go to Walking Melbourne and the Forum and search for feasibility.

I am heartily sick of feasibility studies, especially ones that tell you something is black when you know it is white. If it for the public good and people need it and will use it, then just build it. That is what we pay tax for.

If the State Opposition is elected, they will have another feasibility study into a rail line to Doncaster, except they are calling it an examination of the route it might take. As one wag suggested recently, for a couple of hundred bucks, they could hire a helicopter, fly over the traffic congested Eastern Freeway in the morning peak and conclude that a rail line is required.


  1. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Nice blog!!

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  2. Agreed Andrew...the lack of foresight is amazing and the deflections of feasibility studies getting ever more tiresome

  3. To be busy doing nothing is a talent.
    Not a very great or exceptional or even helpful talent but at least it stops the little f'kers from wanking in class/parliament.

  4. I think it's feasible that we have a revolution and sack all those f*ckers!!

  5. Wears you down Loz.

    Jayne, I wish Madden would do a bit less.

    Fen, let me work out if that is feasible.