Saturday, October 09, 2010

When life was simpler

Has the Empire Games finished yet? Contestants making rude gestures at judges and officials? Send them home. It will be the thin edge of wedge if they get away with it. Look at what has happened to other 'polite' sports such as tennis and cricket. Nip it in the bud.

A NZ broadcaster made fun of Delhi's Chief Minister's name, Shelia Dikshit. Was he mocking Australia about Shelia? Ok, maybe not, must be her other name. Even our ABC was pronouncing her name wrongly. Apparently her surname is pronounced Dixit.

Rather like our childhood neighbours whose name was Tickle. That is Tickell to you. Oh, I can slip in a second Hyacinth reference in, in as many days. Rather like pronouncing the name Bucket as Bouquet.

While the weight challenged lady has not sung yet, no bombs have gone off in Delhi. This is good.

But so much work, so much money, so much botheration countries and cities are put to for both the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

Life used to be ever so much simpler.


  1. Our NZ broadcaster has gone way too far imo. He was giggling like a stupid schoolboy as he insulted Ms Dixit. He also recently insulted our Governor General as not being a proper NZer -ironic since the GG is Kiwi-born but said broadcaster is from UK. He has insulted Susan Boyle, a Greenpeace guest- the list goes on. Some people consider him a hero since he affirms all their worst prejudices. I hope he is sacked. He has caused immeasurable diplomatic harm with his latest insults.

  2. Ofcourse its funny to do something with a name of a minister or another high ranking official, when its done it's done.

    A question, do they also have demonstration sports in Delhi?

    Where were all those people housed when the games were held in Melbourne 2006?

  3. Not great KN. He sounds like a shock jock. Sydney has them but they have never gained currency in Melbourne, in spite of attempts. Even without knowing or listening to him, I can imagine what he is like. Hope he isn't NZBC. If he is, he should be sacked, or transferred to the mail room at least.

  4. To answer your first question Peter, I would have to pay proper attention to the Games, and I don't. The second question, a village was built for the competitors of a cheap and nasty nature and then converted to proper flats and units and sold after the games. We took a drive there one day and we did not like it. The village is in a great location though. One suggestion to accommodate the athletes was to moor a cruise liner for the duration. I thought it was a great idea and it would have been cheaper and still quite close to most venues. I suppose I wrote something about the C Games in Melbourne at the time. They were good and appreciated.

  5. Shock jocks have never had much currency in Melbourne? Hello? The human headline was the country's first "shock jock". Steve Price, Sam Newman, Andrew Bolt etc are all very much "creatures of Melbourne". It will take time as Melbourne transitions from a city of 1-comm talk and 1-abc talk to one of 2-comm talks but I suspect the audience will eventually build. Nice piece by Margaret Simons here

  6. I once worked with a Waddell which she pronounced 'Wah-dell' rather than 'Waddle'.

    The odd thing was that she was a roundish, grandmotherly type who walked with a noticeable waddle.

  7. Dickshit! Oh well that makes up for all the shocking call centres' based in India total muck ups of my phone and banking etc and every other thing I have to call in on - I mean how can Mackay come out as mucky? I should be incensed as well I think...

  8. James, I won't wager but I doubt MTR will succeed. Our famous bearded occupant media person in our building is not really a shock jock surely. Newman is only a celebrity, hardly a broadcaster. Some like Price and I suppose Bolt. But none are in the league of some of Sydneys who seem to get regular spots on Media Watch and we will never have a Jones.

    Victor, at least she could defend her pronunciation by the spelling.

    Lol MC, Mucky Mackay. Love it.