Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I was just asked yesterday by a visiting tradie, as I have been many times by other visitors, you must get blasé about the view and not notice it anymore. My answer is always the same, never.

I had no real interest living in a high rise apartment until I opened the front door and saw the view out the lounge room windows. Ohhh, I like this, I can recall thinking.

Some eight or nine years later, I am still mesmerised by the views at times and spend quite a bit of time just looking out, noting changes, the waves on the bay, leaves browning and falling, green leaves appearing, building projects, traffic, trams, people, lights that come and go, illuminated advertising signs, weather, birds, distant views and I expect I could keep on adding. R is the same.

Yet some people take little notice of the view, often people who don't like heights. The only time I feel uncomfortable is if I look directly down below from the balcony, like with my head at ninety degree angle.

Our last house looked out onto our quite nice paved courtyard, but the other windows faced a paling fence topped but a neatly maintained potato creeper. My bedroom had a side window too, as well as one looking out to the street, but it was close to the street and so I had the blind nearly closed most of the time.

I suppose you can adjust to anything, but I might take quite some time for me to ever adjust to not having a big picture view. I don't have plans to not have a view.

And today out the windows? Warbling magpies, lots of people on the street, but being Melbourne Cup Day, they are different to the normal week day people. One of the Wilhelmsen container ships had just sailed. It is bright red, so very noticeable. It is a frequent visitor to Melbourne.

I am just back with betting slips and a newspaper and so I will sit down and stab at the form guide with a biro. We are then off to the Brighton Antique Dealer's annual Cup Day barbecue. I just rang work to find out I have Red Ruler in the work sweep. A group of people I have never seen before just exited our building in their race day finery. Lots of women in pretty hats passing by, lots of atrociously dressed men passing by. Stretch limos are heading up Toorak Road to the rich areas to collect their race passengers. The sun was out briefly. It may not be such a bad day.


  1. LOVE your view! I never get tired of my view either - an oasis 7 minutes from the nearest suburban sprawl, it always feels like I'm on holidays when I come home!

    Happy travels, and good luck in the Cup!

  2. I get similar comments about my view but in my case I'm always slightly taken aback being reminded once more just how strong is the impact of seeing that view for the first time.

    A friend who visits once or twice a year from up north spends hours at my lounge room window just watching the happenings outside.

  3. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Nice view with a room......:)

    My city skyline views are blocked by plane trees from spring till autumn. I compensate with the garden and pool view from the living room of my apartment. All is green and lush. Now wish it would just warm up so can use the pool for the first time.

  4. Red, you really do need to love where you live. Most important, followed by holidays.

    Victor, you like us look down upon some very expensive real estate. Looking down on expensive real estate appeals to me.

    Changing seasons, bare trees and trees in leaf is great Anon. Melbourne's trees seem extra good this year, as they breath a sigh of relief from the drought.

  5. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Great view!
    Ah - I forgot it's Cup Day back in Melbourne. Too late to take make up a sweep with Mark and the cat!

  6. Yes, I'm jealous of your view, I have rubbish views out of my windows :(

  7. Scott, if it was a few weeks later, you would have more for a cup sweep.

    We have in the past Fen.

  8. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I would not get sick of the views either..ever. It is amazing what people could view if they really opened their eyes. As an example..I remember my first time taking the train across Sydney Harbor Bridge, I was so excited. The passengers on the train have possibly taken this trip daily for ages, and were blase' about it. I would not get sick of the view there either, ever.
    I thought I might get sick of walking/riding the river here in Werribee, but I have not. Because each time I take that path I see something new.

  9. Quite true Cazzie. It sounds immodest, but I tend to see things many miss. The river walks must be great.

  10. Alison had an amazing view of Albert Park and Port Phillip Bay - when in South melbourne - you could see the weather roll in like it was accompanied by an orchestra of drums - it was amazing

  11. MC , I remember roughly where she lived. Yes, she would have seen lots of 'weather events'.