Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Road Mayhem

Traffic mayhem around the highrise all day today. Firstly a truck driver thought his truck could fit under a bridge that it could not and the truck tipped over. I hope the full weight of law comes down upon him. This happens too often and caused terrible problems. This is the fourth this year at the same location. Read some more here by Daniel.

Then I understand a truck tipped over at the corner of Albert Road and Kingsway. Eventually Queens Road and Kingsway inbound were closed and much of the traffic fed into St Kilda Road. Mayhem ensued. The copper trying to control the traffic lost his temper after a while and started getting very annoyed with stupid drivers.


  1. Give the man a slingshot to ping the idiots.
    Replacement of a windscreen is more trouble than paying a fine.

  2. Nice thinking Jayne.

    Fen, truck drivers or motorists, both.

  3. Both! You see another truck has rolled today, on City Rd this time.

  4. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/another-truck-rollover-blocks-city-20101008-16b20.html

    AND ANOTHER ONE today! What on earth is going on out there?

  5. Crazy hey Fen. Traffic here seems unaffected today.