Monday, October 25, 2010

A Parcel Arrives

Look what our friend in Japan sent us. Some nice new handles for the lids of our saucepans from her local 100 yen shop. The make the handles on the actual saucepans look bad though they are still quite sound. How odd that such lid handles seem to be unobtainable in Australia, unless you have recent brand name pots.


  1. Oh, very nice!
    Yes, you'll have to replace those saucepan handles, they let the side down a bit.

  2. Stop it Jayne. Will consider when they fall off.

  3. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I'd go all the way and keep the saucepan lid handles and replace the pots.

    New Year sales coming up......:)

  4. Lordy Anon, they are only thirty years old. Perfectly functional. I think they cost $150 for four which was a lot of money then.

  5. Anonymous6:39 pm

    I see your wish has been granted Andrew, there is a 100 yen shop (named Daiso in Australia) opening in Melbourne. Where abouts I don't know - was on the Today Tonight show. So now you won't have to shop n Japan for your lid handles.

  6. I was very surprised to see that Anon. In Victoria Street. I know the location. Quite a co-incidence.

  7. Anonymous9:48 am

    This will be a whole new post for you. Andrews adventures in the Daiso $2.80 shop.

    Can't wait till they open one in Sydney.

  8. I am a bit excited Anon.


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