Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Dear

Snort, mary jane has been found in the roof of a police station. Naughty criminals sticking it up in the roof to make our finest look bad. 'I was gonna log it later Sarge, promise'. The Age has a brief piece here.

A Liberal Party politician refers our national broadcaster, the ABC as the Gay BC. Yeah, and his point?

A thug who allegedly assaulted an Indian student in Australia says it was not a racist attack, in spite of calling the victim an Indian dog. So what do you have to do to be racist?


  1. dammit, I thought they'd never find it up there ;)

  2. Sorry about that Fen. I had no cash on me to bail you in spite of your pleading calls.

  3. Randall and Hockey gave us a delicious day, yes.

    The gaydar comment reflected on Randall. Not only shows him to be phobic, but also stupid. It was the ABC he was talking to.

    And I enjoyed the quip for Hockey at the beginning of the doorstop: 'that brought out the crowd, hey'.

    Loved the look on Malcolm's face ... delish ...

  4. Julie, it makes Hockey quite likeable. While he is serious at times, he does not seem to take himself too seriously. There could have been an opportunity for Randall to slip that in some time, but it needed to be in context. Idiot.

  5. Nah! I don't think Hockey is likeable. I think Hockey is stupid. I don't like populists ...