Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch Out

We had some shelves to deliver to Sister on the Bellarine Peninsula. More on the shelves later. Little Jo was in creche for the day while Sister taught swimming classes. Sister usually uses the afternoon when Little Jo is in creche for a lunch on her own with a newspaper, shopping and a nap.

We did not want to disrupt the routine too much and so Bone Doctor asked if we like to join her for lunch at the Dunes Cafe in Ocean Grove. We loaded the shelves into the car and R had to sit in the back seat while I drove.

No show without punch, Sister turned up for lunch too. I had the 'small' serve of Portarlington mussels, about 15 of them, in a creamy wine sauce. It was nice, but I preferred the way Sister cooked them for us a few months ago, which was rather like Peter in the Netherlands recently cooked them. We shared a bottle of wine and finished off with coffee. It is a great location. We had a seat at the full width windows and looked down upon the raging surf. Squalls of showers came and went, but we were cozy inside. The staff were great too.

Bone Doctor went back to work. Sister went off shopping. We went to Sister's and unloaded and assembled the shelves.

Sister arrived back home and after a bit we walked to the creche to collect Little Jo. She was outside playing and R and I stood the other side of the fence while Sister went inside. Eventually she looked up and her face broke out into a huge grin when she saw us. Of course two men standing outside the fence of a creche and chatting to a child immediately had a staff member out to find out our business. Actually, R is registered to collect Little Jo in an emergency.

We played with Little Jo for a while. The weather was pretty miserable and about 5pm we left and it was a quick trip home.

I guess it is a new toilet block being built. Two minutes later, down came the rain.

Looking towards Point Lonsdale. You can't quite see the lighthouse but you can see The Rip at Port Phillip Heads.

Barwon Head jutting out to sea. We were going to take a quick visit to Barwon Heads but Sister said because of bridge repairs, sometimes the road can be closed for half an hour at a time.

How far along the coast do these sculptures stretch, starting in Geelong?

A nice mosaic wall at the entrance to Dunes Cafe.


  1. Tom went on a school excursion to walk along and look at the sculptures in Geelong, He is asleep right now but when he wakes up I will ask him how far along the sculptures do go.
    We love Ocean Grove. Have spent many times camping there when Tom and Nick were little. My outlaws have a caravan there at one of the parks.. I mean, they had one there until they sold it.
    We also used to go down there as young teens every Summer for a few weeks. Good times :)

  2. I am not so familiar with Ocean Grove Cazzie, but I liked what I saw of it.