Friday, October 01, 2010

Lost Photos

The Age's Green Guide photography writer, the venerable Terry Lane, wrote this week about losing digital photos because of either a camera problem or theft (or possibly your own stupidity). I assiduously back up photos when on holidays to either a computer hard and memory stick or to cd at a public service, so I haven't lost any digital photos.

We have however lost photos in pre digital times. Yes, kiddies, cameras used to have film in them that had to be developed. There was none of this rattling off a hundred clicks to get five ok photos.

R put the camera down in a changing room in a Bangkok market and walked out without it or a creeping hand removed it. We soon noticed and returned but it had gone. We lost our most recently taken photos. No problem we thought. Our travelling companions had their camera and had been snapping away at the same things we had.......except, they had neglected to put a roll of film in the camera and only discovered it when the film did not seem to be running out.

I can't be so critical as we did exactly the same when we went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. No photos of the luxury boat owned by John Farnham that we sailed on, no reef photos, no photos of hot guys who were with us. Nothing, because there was no film, even though the camera indicated there was.

While not quite the same, for our New Zealand holiday we borrowed a 35mm camera, having previously only used an instant cartridge camera. The colours in the photos turned out very odd and while the images are clear, they are spoiled by the overall colour.

Oh yes, just remembered, we arrived in London and had time to kill before we could check into our room and spent some time in Hyde Park, but only took phone camera photos as I had forgotten to charge the camera before we left Singapore and the battery was flat.

Oh, they just keep coming. A family party and I forgot to put the large camera card in the camera and taking photos at the largest size meant I took very few before the card was full.

I'd like to hear of your camera disaster tales, or perhaps you don't have any. I can think of one person who forgets to charge her camera batteries, and charge the spare batteries.


  1. I've been sooooooooo lucky like that, never lost a camera.... I have lost photos as I'm cropping them because I've saved over the original file :(

    But not the camera - I've been V lucky

  2. I clutch my camera to me for dear life lol. I have lost rolls of film in the past, but that's about the worst of it.

  3. I lost a roll of film recently when I didn't properly reaearch the correct method for re-winding on a 50 years old camera - I snapped the roll in half and then exposed the lot.

    That's the only time I recall losing images on digital or film.

  4. I haven't done any of that myself, apart from running out of battery from time to time. But, I can tell a story of someone else...
    I used to fly helicopters with my ex, many years ago. Every year we went to the Southern 80 boat race and did joyflights or ppl would hire us to follow boats down the Murray. One of the crews of the most expensive boat there hired us to fly down the river following their boat. The footage was taken by one of their guys, strapped into a harness, leaning out the helicopter (door removed). When he got back he was pumped, telling me the footage was amazing. Then he went quiet and all the colour drained from his face.

    He didn't ever put a video cassette IN the video camera, so he'd filmed NOTHING! Ha ha ha ha! Poor bastard!

  5. Heather, I have come very close to doing that. I now copy the photos to another folder before cropping.

    Rolls of exposed film LiD? Not important photos then.

    Me, I may well have exposed an end of a film at some point. I recall opening a camera to remove a roll in the only place that was pitch black, the toilet.

    Fen, that is really a tragedy. You didn't really laugh at your paying customer's distress, did you.

  6. Despite being continually accused of living in the dark ages, my film camer takes pretty good shots!! Or maybe it's just me ... It's not easy to find places that develop film so was lucky to find the chemist in Atherton, QLD did it. But the assistant took me down a peg when she said my pix were 'quite good, for non-digital photos! I've been damned before, but never with such faint praise!

    Happy travels!
    Adventures in Australia

  7. Don't worry Red Nomad, Atherton QLD photography processing probably does not employ a photography expert. Look forward to reading your blog in some detail as my partner plans to travel Australia, with or without me. I am resisting.

  8. We lost two cameras in Sydney...a week apart. That was really bad.

    In London, I was obsessive about loading the photos to the computer.

  9. Those film-load SLR cameras are risky and of course, the one time I was in an amazing situation, I later found I had not rolled the sprockets right and had no record of the Amazingness.
    It is well-documented that people suffer Loss-Of-Photos greatly.

    I house-sat in a potential bushfire situation once, and the departing host said Don't flee house without my hard-drive".

    I read somewhere "we all need Witnesses To Our Lives"

    this is why we blog, tolerate partners, take pictures etc.

  10. Fen's helicopter story is a show-stopper. the poor guy, but what about the weird fkn rich people?

    now Hot Andrew, to save me trawling your entire post history, pls tell where I find your ones on WhisperingJack's luxury boat boys?
    Big times indeed.

    and Fen? coming over to look for Helicopter days stories.

  11. I remember you losing the first one Dina. Don't just save to the hard drive.

    Em Stacks, we have had cases of film not engaging with sprockets either. Not sure which is worse, losing photos or them not being taken in the first place.

    Farnham's boat was in the nineties, pre blog days. He owned the boat and leased it out.

  12. Andrew I did too laugh!

    Marshall you probably won't find any helicopter stories, it was a loooong time ago, long before I started my little blog.

  13. when I go anywhere by plane the camera always comes on board with me and I never let it out of my sight - there is my handbag and my camera and all else takes place below these two

  14. Exposed, I'm afraid. Some were important, but mainly odds and ends and practicing.

  15. In 1980 I married the love of my life. A quiet outdoor ceremony with no guests, except parents, a sibling for each of us as attendants and my best friend and her husband as photographers. I became anxious when my friend told me she'd be letting her husband do the photography, as she was the trusted one and he frequently screwed things up. She reassured me and the lovely day continued. Well after the ceremony and signing at a beautiful spot on the property red velvet covered antique desk with gold embossing, flowers,(you get the picture) my friend approached and admitted to me that she'd questioned if husband had finished first role yet. Upon discovering he hadn't despite clicking away for an hour she checked and... He'd not wound the film on properly. No pics!!!

    1. Bootstraps, that is every bride's nightmare scenario. I guess you had to call on guests to come up with what they had taken?