Friday, October 08, 2010

Living the life on the 'Vard

Once again there is a push on to rename St Kilda Road to St Kilda Boulevard or just The Boulevard. For me St Kilda Road is the road from the City to St Kilda, perfectively descriptive and appropriate.

It is suggested that the name change will increase the value of properties that line St Kilda Boulevard. Our place being worth more means higher council rates. I don't want that at all.

Perhaps we could revert to its original name, Baxters Track. Yeah, that will knock our council rates down a bit.

A later alternative to Baxters Track was St Kilda Brighton and Great Arthur(sic) Seat Road. Will that address fit across a DL envelope?

Eventually everyone was happy enough to call it St Kilda Road, leading from Princes Bridge to St Kilda Junction.

But some bright spark decided that when High Street St Kilda was massively widened, splitting the suburb into two with central tram lines, treed reservations, eight odd lanes of traffic, a couple of bike lanes and parking lanes, plus footpaths, High Street should also become St Kilda Road. That is St Kilda Road, St Kilda rather than St Kilda Road, Melbourne as the old part is known. If the point of changing the name from High Street to avoid confusion with High Street Prahran, then they fixed one problem and created another.

It would not be so bad if continuing street numbers were used, but no, the numbers start again at the beginning of the newer part of St Kilda Road. So the address 360 St Kilda Road can mean two different addresses without the qualification of Melbourne or St Kilda. (I checked and both exist)

So, in summary, St Kilda Road Melbourne to St Kilda Junction, then St Kilda Road St Kilda to Carlisle Street, then Brighton Road as far Glen Huntly Road and from there on Nepean Highway.

I rather like the sound of Baxters Track. Highriser in a smart apartment with a white slim line telephone and room for a pony lives on Baxters Track.


  1. Ah yes, room for a pony.

    Now where was I, polishing my Royal Doulton, I think?

  2. There's a track winding back... i forget the rest!

  3. With periwinkle Royal Doulton Victor? Don't use them for visitors. Give them a beaker.

    Fen, the words aren't right but I know the correct ones.

  4. Reasons not to change St Kilda Road to St Kilda Boulevard? Take Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, ugly, treeless, barren and unfriendly to pedestrians. These "boulevards" are the antithesis to our St Kilda Road.

  5. Haven't seen them Ben. Did you know there is strict criteria to being a proper boulevard? Royal Parade meets the conditions too. Not sure if the two US ones do.

  6. never mind 'room for a pony', I just couldn't click on the online news of some highriser in NYC keeping a Full Size Tiger in the apt.
    God I hate people.
    (it's at if you can stand it)

    That Boulevard scheme was going when I worked there in 1995 (in the building that was where you now live). Are all those large billboards with the green leaf symbol still all over the medians?

    It's a miracle those trees are alive. God I hate Councils.

    May your Rates always be LowRise.

  7. Ann, as bad as those two guys in London twenty odd years ago keeping a big cat in their flat.

    I didn't know you worked in the old racing club building. Billboards have gone now.