Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just another Saturday

I was sitting on the balcony on this balmy evening and noticed a group of Colllingwood supporters get off a tram and walk across the road. I don't really care to have Collingwood supporters in our neighbourhood. They look 'out of area'. God forbid, another lot alighted from another tram. I suppose they all have cheap digs at one of the Queens Road hotels.

Our day was long. Don't say I am doing too much in my condition. I did little.

9.30 we were off to Prahran to do a little bit of shopping. Only the essentials, the home cellar was empty, thank you Dan, aka Woollies, and we needed a chop for a barbecue.

11.00 At a friends house auction in South Oakleigh. They sold, for just a bit less than they hoped.

12.00 Our misogynist friend had all these woman neighbours calling in to see how the auction went.

1.00 Our friend's female friends stayed on for a barbecue. One ran into our friend at the local shopping centre and thought he looked stressed about his house sale and wanted to give him a big comforting cuddle. Please, do women see gay misogynists as challenges?

1.15 Sister delivers Little Jo for us to look after while she enjoys the privilege of a pre 1984 MCC Ladies ticket to gain entry to the football final final. Sister takes our car and leaves hers with the baby seat.

2.30 Barbecue finished and watching the football match. I finish reading Thursday's newspaper and a few pages of the RACV mag. I never go anywhere without something to read.

3.30 I vaguely entertain Little Jo, so R can watch the football, but given the match is uneven, R comes out to play with Little Jo. She was good with me, but I am no substitute for Uncle R.

4.00 Little Jo receives a pink bag with a black boa strap from our hosts. They also gave her two puppets and some glitter paint.

4.15 Puffed with pride with Little Jo. She behaved well, was mostly polite to many strangers and did not spoil the occasion.

5.00 We depart. It was a long day. I am weary. The footy result is clear. Sister took R's car and I have to drive Sister's manual car home. What nonsense to have to move that silly stick around all the time, never mind the clutch. Haha, Sister nearly put her self through the windscreen in R's car, pressing on the brake like it was a clutch. I did not press on her car's brake without the clutch until the car stalled.

5.40 Tradie Brother rang to inform us of a death in the family.

5.50 Mother called to make sure I knew of death in family.

6.00 Sister calls and says she will be to our place soon. I inform her of death in family.

7.00 Get out pizza menu. Where is Sister? Drinking with friends? It is well past time to hand Little Jo back to her mother.

7.10 It takes Sister 15 minutes to walk to football ground, but one hour plus to walk home.

7.15 Sister arrives. Order pizzas. Please can we eat on our knees I plead. I just can not sit up at a table to eat. Sister gives Little Jo a bath.

8.00 Sister and Little Jo depart.

8.05 It is not the first time I have said it, but once they had gone, I said to R, Peace in our time.

8.30 Pour large glass of Scotch and sit down to watch The Bill.


  1. I actually remembered to watch The Bill and I found it a strange episode. Mind you I've missed so many recently I'm very much out of the loop.

  2. I confess Fen, it doesn't hold my interest. I half watch it.

  3. And that's what you call an easy day? I would be knackered half-way.

  4. I wasted the sunny day watching the UCI World Championship race to/round Geelong.
    It looked beautiful.
    Your hosts were generous/thoughtful to LilJo.
    Maybe women who hug gays do it because it is risk-free? My gay friend are too rich and posh for actual hugging, but there is the Euro-kiss thing.
    Sis has no political issue re 'Ladies' ticket to MCG?
    Yes yes The Final Final.
    An anti-climax.
    May your neighbourhood be bogan-free, at least till the F1GP.

  5. Anonymous1:21 am

    Mmmmm, pizza sounds so good at this hour of the morning on night shift.. but my cut up watermelon and rockmelon will have to do.

  6. "Pour large glass of Scotch and sit down to watch The Bill" sounds like a perfect ending to the day

  7. What a lovely day, sort of, in a round-about way.
    Sorry to hear of Siser-in-law's mum going, she sounds like a good 'un.

  8. I did a lot of sitting Peter.

    The bike racing in Geelong was great Ann. Like all of us, Sister can swallow her principles for self interest.

    Good on you Cazzie. Not fun, but worth the effort.

    For sure MC.

    She was a good stick Jayne.

  9. By coincidence I watched The Bill last Saturday too with my interstate house guests.

    It is the first time in perhaps twenty years I have watched an episode. So strange given that the show is almost at its end. There were two men in it that I remember from years past, both obviously promoted since the days I formerly viewed and one even more obviously older.

    We missed the final five minutes of the episode to switch over to 'Wall Street' on another channel which we were interested to see having seen the sequel only last Thursday at the movies.

    We were amazed to see the original 1987 film was far racier than it's 2010 sequel. The first film had full frontal female nudity but, having allowed that to air the channel suddenly crossed to advertisements just as a woman was about to perform fellatio in another scene.

  10. Did you review the movie Victor? I did not think much of it. Pleased there was no female nudity. I wasn't too well. Is fellatio a dance move of some kind?

  11. oh silly, evahbodee kno Fellatio is twin bro of Horatio.

    you won't like The Kids Are Alright. Lotta very confronting sx of all the kinds, incl gaypron movie.

  12. Pron Em Stacks? I don't think I would care for that at all, let alone blokes doing it. Were Fellatio and Horatio Romans born in 69AD?

  13. bwah Hahaaaaaaaa

    actually it could have been 69AC/DC