Monday, October 04, 2010

Gimme my hour back

I woke at 6.30 Sunday morning. Daylight saving hit me straight away. I looked at my phone and it had not reset itself. Hazy as I was, I switched it off and on and the time was corrected. I went about correcting clocks. Why don't the digital tv recording machines correct themselves when the time is set to Auto? In years past the computer did not auto correct itself but it does now.

I corrected a few machines. It only took passenger R fifteen minutes to correct his car clock, eventually resorting to the instruction manual. Ahh, he said, and suddenly he knew how to do it. In the meantime I had heard some weird radio stations.

While we were having afternoon tea in Emerald, I realised that the day was later than it felt. It felt like mid afternoon but it was nearly 4.30.

Once home, it did not feel natural to have a six o'clock drink. Too early, my mind was saying. The clock said otherwise so I compromised and poured a glass of wine at 6.30.

I felt like I was rushed this morning, an experience I always try to avoid. I was rushed. I lost an hour somewhere and I won't get it back until next year.


  1. Those who worked the nightshift this end (private sector) would try to get the nightshift at the other end to make up for the lost hour of pay.
    Takes us about 3 months to get into the whole "OMG I missed the news and it's how late?" thing.

  2. Are you stalking my family? LOL, you coulda dropped by my Dad's for a cuppa and some eggs from the hens!

    I don't care about the missed hour, I love it being light later on.

  3. Anonymous12:13 am

    Yeah, one thing I REALLY miss about Aus is daylight saving. I wish we had it in Japan but alas, the locals can't be talked into it...V.

  4. Have your curtains faded yet?

  5. I was on my way to Emerald on Sunday, but had to change plans 10 mins into the drive. Funny, small world.

  6. Jayne, I quickly adjust when I am working.

    Another one from the area Fen. It is lovely.

    V, it would be hotter in the evenings.

    No Victor, but I can see the local bird life is confused.

    What a co-incidence LiD. Still, we would not have recognised each other.