Monday, October 04, 2010

Choof Choof

Puffing Billy was late departing Gembrook. There was a problem with a train at Emerald Lake. A phone call from a mobile phone was the clearance for PB to depart, but there had to be paperwork handed over too. I am not sure who the passengers were waving to. I seemed to be the only person there and I was busy with camera. Makes for a nice video though.

Switched ABI Brother's computer back to dial up from wireless broadband that was marginal reception. I tried to suggest that ADSL for $20 a month was ok for him, but he wanted dial up for $5 a month. It works for his needs. Given he has not been online for some time, he had 75 emails to check. So funny to hear a modem dialling in to an isp.

Train was late departing and Mother and R were fed up watching the impatient steam engine hissing steam, so they both went to lav before we left and then Puffing Billy left with only me as the witness.

We headed to Emerald for a Devonshire Tea, but were held up by PB crossing the road. Our Dev Teas in Emerald cost us $9 for three of us. Must have been a mistake. We did not argue but enjoyed our scones jam and cream and tea in the warm air under an umbrella.

I was driven crazy by motorbike noise. I was driven crazy by car noise. You know where I live and on our street I don't hear traffic noise, but in the country, the noise of passing traffic annoyed me intensely. Ban motorbikes from the Dandenongs. They are the jetskis of the hills.

Later Edit: According to a newspaper, a carriage came adrift from the engine in Emerald, hence the delay.


  1. That high pitched engine whine is what grates on my ears, especially when they rev the crap out of it just for the sound effects rather than performance.
    Wish the native fauna included a natural predator for those introduced pests.

  2. YES! Motorbikes, car and chainsaws, ban 'em all!

  3. Funny how the police never touch them Jayne.

    Fen, except for our cars to get there.