Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Three weeks ago, Sis in Law's, that is Tradie Brother's ex wife, Mother had her leg amputated because of diabetes complications. The prognosis was good and the the amputation healed well. Last night Tradie Brother called and said that while the operation was a success, her lungs and kidneys were failing and if she was removed from oxygen, she would die. Her decision was exactly that. Today oxygen was removed, so she will die soon.

She has been cheerful to the end. My nieces and nephews have pretty well always had her in their lives as she and their granddad lived in a flat that adjoined Tradie Brother's house. She has visited us here at the highrise and appreciated the large toilet that could fit a wheelchair.

All that happening on the day of Chainsaw Niece's 18th birthday. We did not go, but Mother and ABI Brother fronted up for the barbecue for Chainsaw Niece's birthday, that did not happen. Chainsaw Niece ordered pizzas and charmed the delivery guy into a significant discount. 'Nan', Chainsaw Niece said to Mother, 'you are the only one left now'.

Quite so. In 2000 they lost Poppy Wally, my father.

In 2008 they lost their mother's father Bill and their father's step father, Laurie.

Seems 2010 they are losing their Mum's mother.

Meanwhile, their Dad's mum live on, Mother.

Mother is feeling very mortal. She has lost her ex husband, son's father in law, her childhood friend and bridesmaid, her husband, her late best friend's husband, and now her son's mother in law. Mother is actually the only person of that generation left in our immediate family, excepting Step Mother.

I wrote most of this last night, after oxygen had been removed. Sis in Law's mother died today between 3/4 and full time during our football final grand final. She clearly did not want to see Collingwood win.


  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    That's very sad news - though I do like your blog post title's matter-of-factness.

  2. Scott, its not like I don't care, but I say luv, I say pet, I really care, but dead rels mean funerals. What a bother.

  3. PS, is it time to get your boiler checked to make sure it is in fine order?

  4. Condolences are in place, even when it's "just your SiL mother".

  5. Sorry to hear about your family's loss.

  6. Although I think death of the elderly is the natural way of things...I think it will be hard to be of that age where your contemporaries are dropping out. I feel for your mom.

  7. sorry for your family's loss

  8. Can't really blame her for not wanting to see Collingwood win, that's just depressing.

  9. Having just lost my own Mum I feel for you

  10. Peter, she was a brave and uncomplaining person. I admire her stoicism.

    Thanks Dina. Mum is imagining herself slowly dying at home, unable to get to the phone. Me flippantly saying that if she dies, she won't know any difference doesn't help.

    Thanks Mistress.

    Fen, I thought it was funny. R did not. I said clearly M did not want to hang around to see Collingwood win a grand final.

    Thanks Loz. I have read your and your sister's childhood memories with interest.

  11. Anonymous1:20 am

    I read all of this whilst Stairway to Heaven is played on the radio at 1:19am. Yes, nightshift break for me.
    Always a sad occasion to loose someone in the family, I hate that mortal feeling I get from time to time too... occupational hazzard me thinks :(

  12. She sounds like she was a real good old lady from how you write about no pain now and no doubt just as cheerful if not more

  13. Worse Cazzie, you see how some people suffer.

    She was a good stick MC.

  14. Actually generations of citizens lived their entire lives without seeing Collingwood win a premiership and were none the worse off for it.

    Your in law was around for Collingwood's previous success in 1990; maybe she didn't want any more.

    Seriously though, my condolences. Clearly she was accepting that her time was up.

  15. My condolences, Andrew. Very sad to read about that.

  16. Yes Victor, and pity the generation had to see it. Thanks.

    Thanks LiD.