Friday, September 03, 2010

Ubunto Friends

Our Brother Friends will readily admit how ignorant they are about computers. I know nothing, as they fling their respective palms upward into the air.

Their computer had a virus. I could not fix it. I told them to bury deep in files any questionable content they may have on their computer and take it to their local computer shop. A mutual acquaintance had a bad experience at one such place, who told him to never return to the shop because of the filth he had on his computer.

They bided their time with their computer only working in safe mode. Eventually the spied an ad in the gay press by someone who fixes computers for a set fee of $100, parts not included. It took two visits of five and three hours and their computer is not only fixed, it is now running on Linux Ubuntu or whatever it is. They plied the repair person with coffee, cakes and kindness and he enjoyed their comfortable home and many of their saved pictures. While I found their new system a bit puzzling, they are very happy with it and have also upgraded to ADSL 2. I gave Ubuntu a shot once, working only off a cd. It did not work for me at all. I don't like change. For all intents and purposes, my computer is set up very much like it was when we first bought a computer with Windows 95 installed. I did eventually embrace Firefox though. In early days I gave Opera a shot. I knew little about file associations then and my computer became thoroughly Operared. How dare they take over everything. I am not at all tempted to start Chroming and I don't get tabs at all? Around nine browser windows can open on my task bar. Aren't they the same as tabs except they are at the bottom of the screen?

This home visit computer repair person sounds like a very useful person to know. They felt guilty that he worked for eight hours for $100. He explained that he wins at times and loses at other times. I get that. Some people's computers could be fixed in two minutes, an easy $100.

So, one of the Brother friends, the particular one who is the first to say I know nothing about computers, has managed to find on the work sales computer a list of what is sold each day, week, month and year, what is paid for stock as against what it is sold for. He knows for standard sales there is about a 200% mark up so he is much less worried about the business closing and losing his job now. But still he will say, I know nothing about computers.

Good god, now they are talking about getting a mobile phone. Henny Penny, the sky is falling.


  1. That computer chappie sounds awfully good!

  2. He does indeed Jayne. He can also supply a new pc or whatever else.