Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Bits

Did twittering birds greeting the dawn waken you this morning? I was woken at 4am by the sound of what I think is a giant fire exhaust fan running somewhere nearby. It is still running. The noise has to be pretty loud to penetrate my bedroom, but it certainly did. I thought I'd gone to bed with the window open.

What terrible devastation in Christchurch. Many historic buildings have been damaged and the city sounds to be in a chaotic state. It is remarkable that more people weren't hurt. Not so remarkable was the looting that started soon after. There is a special place in hell reserved for those who take such advantage of people's misery. The least of many people's worries, but the trams and tram line are ok.

I am sure I'll get the football name wrong, so I will just say Storm is playing today with admittance for $1. Irresistible to Sister, so here comes Little Jo for the afternoon.

Antique scientific and medical instruments
Quality shells
Butterflies, insects and spiders
Mineral samples
Wildlife and botanical art
Storm glasses

And that is less than half of what you can find at Wunderkammer. It was my first visit to shop/museum in Lonsdale Street this week and what an extraordinary place.

Quoting myself in the midst of our recent severe drought, 'Don't worry kiddies, there will be floods again one day'. It has come to pass. Damn.

A friend has just bought a stunningly beautiful new town house in Caulfield. R saw it yesterday and is quite jealous. The friend bided his time and show no anxiousness to buy the place. A few months later as the construction neared completion, more than $100,000 came off the initial price.

Might go to South Melbourne Market this morning, once a certain person gets out of bed. I haven't had a dim sim for ages.


  1. Your sister has eclectic taste in football codes. She sounds like we Sydneysiders. :-)

    By the way, did you receive my email giving you an alternative email address for moi?

  2. Victor, if it involves balls, Sister will be interested. I replied to your email and then had one of those computer moments where it disappeared. Then it slipped my mind. But yes, I received your email with the alternative address.

  3. '...if it involves balls, Sister will be interested...'

    How gay!

  4. Feral geek kid loves Wunderkammer.
    Next time you're there, could you purchase the entire shop for him?
    Thanks :P

  5. I am so jealous, dim sims, sth melb market...yummo!

  6. I could have gone more extreme Victor and referred to her eldest brother and balls.

    I wanted to buy stuff there Jayne, but it would just so not suit our place.

    Yet Cazzie, I met you there when you were just a teenage lass. It is so nice to have a personal connection to you.