Saturday, September 04, 2010

Phone Bill

Present bill.
My mobile $20, $15 free calls and 50 free sms.
R's mobile $20, $15 free calls, free call to a nominated mobile, mine.
Home land line rental, $30, cheap regional calls, to Mother and to Sister, $2 cap on STD calls. Discounted rate for calls to Telstra mobiles.
Caller ID, $6.
Hard to work exactly but high speed cable seems to be $100 for 25GB discounted to $50.

Bill works out to be between $145 and $160 per month for the lot.

Telstra seems to be desperate for customers to keep their land lines, hence a rather good new deal.

Mobiles stay the same, although we could get new phones and better deals if we agree to a two year contract. I hate being tied to contracts but we have gone with a two year one for our home phone and internet.

Total price $158
Includes 2 mobiles, as before, $40
Includes land line rental
Free local calls
Free STD calls
Free calls to Telstra mobiles.
Cheap calls to all mobiles for the first 20 mins.
Cheap international calls to 48 countries.
Caller ID.
100 GB high speed cable internet.

The 100 GB internet was the clincher. We have only just had our allowance increased to 25 GB from 12 GB, but because the internet is working faster, we download more and now are coming perilously close to the 25 GB. 100GB seems excessive, but I expect we will be chewing through in no time at all. R can listen to internet radio without restriction and I can watch ABC's Iview without a worry and see all the You Tube clips I want to. I ain't sayin nuffin about what else may consume bandwidth.


  1. We got a similiar deal but we already have $50-per year inc calls & free mins for all our mobiles & I wouldn't change them. We already had the 25GB as the kids chew through that.
    With Telstra for 159- pm we get
    200GB ADSL2
    Free local, std & to any mobile
    Cheap OS calls
    Caller ID & line rental

    They also gave us a credit but then there was a slight glitch in which I got the bill and my head fell off but I rang & it was fixed straight away.

    We also had connection probs with the ADSL2 upgrade until the new gateway modem arrived [ free as well :)]

    It's an excellent deal & MUCH cheaper than we had:D and they seem to be able to tailor it depending on what you have.

    I still haven't connected the T-box though as I can't decide whether to hook it up in my studio or the family room :D

  2. We can think of a few things that chews up the rest of the bandwidth ;-)

  3. I'm looking forward to your country by country (all 48 countries, please) progress reports as you use up those cheap calls.


  4. Be selfish Antikva. Take the T Box. You deserve it. Gawd, quickly the limit would be breached, and haha, they learn that all good things come to an end prematurely.

    Peter, I have absolutely no idea what you mean!

    'Tis a point Victor but R does call the UK at times and we call Japan. Hope they are included in the gang of 48.