Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My Surgeon

Oh, I have a surgeon. He is a Mister no less, not a Doctor. This is exciting. He wants to slice me open and operate. Well, that is what surgeons do hey. So I am mortal after all. I debated in my mind whether to drive to his surgery or catch the tram. I caught the tram and that was not stressful. Driving and parking might have been. I did not even think of the bus, but then I saw it and caught it home.

This is just so ain't gonna to be pretty but a few weeks off work will be.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Today is D day. See ya whenever. Comments now need approval but only temporarily....... I hope.


  1. We'll be here for you in blogland when you return, refreshed and rested.

  2. Oh, what are you having done darling? If I was allowed to leave my house I would come and we could recover together, watching trashy dvds and stuff!
    Good luck with the surgery and subsequent recovery, my thoughts and healing vibes are with you xo

  3. Oh, that's not too wonderful, is it. The bright side will be all the TLC you will get from R as you are recovering. Oh, and the reading you can catch up on. Best of luck, Andrew. Take care and speedy recovery.

  4. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Take care Andrew, I hope the staff are wonderful to you and your recovery is swift :)

  5. Dearest

    Go to sleep. Wake better.



  6. Yikes.

    I hope your surgery goes well, and you have a quick and easy recovery.

  7. Hope he cuts aways only those things that need to be done.

    For the rest get well soon! But take it easy before you start work again ;)

  8. Will you live??? hope so : )