Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Invalid

Hmm, is invalid spelt the same as invalid? I am one but I am trying not to be the other, so I try to get out everyday and do something even though it hurts to walk. R is on holidays this week and next week I am supposed to return to work but I can't see that happening. Here is what I have been up to.

Saturday, shopping and breakfast in Prahran and bought a new slow cooker at Retravision. We don't like the store since its long time owner's departed, but we are happy with the slow cooker and the price. Watched the not so final football final, well R did as I only half watched until near the end. Evening meal out with friends at Kotaraya in Elsternwick. Very good.

Sunday, bought a few bits and pieces in the city, including some Australian play money as a teaching aid for V in Japan. Found a colourful key ring with Little Jo's name on it. It is unusual to find her name on anything so I grabbed it. She loved it. Went to Freedom Furniture in Melbourne Central, only to find it had closed down.

Monday, drove to Moorabbin Freedom, hi to the two gals down that way. Did the tour, left and it was raining. Came home. Enough.

Tuesday, was Eye and Ear day with Mother. Friends place for dinner, roast turkey with trimmings and apple pie and ice cream.

Wednesday, movie at Jam Factory which has all the atmosphere of a morgue. Quell horreur, we drove and paid for parking. Had to go to a Village as we had movie vouchers. We saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Good acting and Shia LaBeouf is attractive enough but it was a boring and very predictable movie and too long. School holidays limits your choice of movies.

Thursday, visit the Chinese Museum off Little Bourke Street. I had not been for over a decade. Interesting enough but I knew most of the history detail already. Excellent short film with a Chinese Australian lad being told why he should care for his Chinese heritage. Lunch at QV. Barbecue for Chainsaw Niece's eighteenth tonight, but I am not up to driving down to the swamps of Langwarrin.


  1. gosh, if you think all of that is recuperating, I'd hate to see your idea of BUSY!

  2. Far out Andrew, slow down young man... take time to smell the roses too :) Phew, I am tired after reading all you have done, knowing you are mending and all :)

  3. Park your posterior, ffs, or you'll bust a foofer valve!

  4. I'm an invalid invalid! LOL!
    Can't believe you came all this way and didn't drop in for a cuppa! ;)

  5. Em Stacks, Jayne and Cazzie, it has over three weeks. I should be better now. I do everything slowly. Minimise walking. R does whatever I say I can't do.

    Hopefully you aren't an invalid invalid Fen. We could have compared wounds hey. Mine is worse than yours, but yours is longer.

  6. Are you supposed to be in pain for this long? I mean is that normal for your type of surgery?

    Anyway...hopefully the pain won't go on for too long : (

    Apple pie and ice-cream sounds very stereotypical American. I guess because there's that saying "American as apple pie".

  7. Dina, surgeon seems unconcerned. I will have many questions for him on Monday. Apple pie is an old favourite here too. Eating roast turkey is not usual though and I would have thought that was quite American.

  8. I am so glad R is there for you. I hope you repair soon :)