Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A fine place for a village

We have a friend who lives in Wangaratta. Although he is close to the Ovens River, he is high enough for his house to stay dry.

Now, Wangaratta sits at the confluence of the Ovens and King Rivers. Is it really a good location for a town? Not only do two major rivers meet, but

Fifteen Mile Creek,
Croppers Creek,
Middle Creek,
Boggy Creek,
Stony Creek,
Black Range Creek,
Rose River,
Dandongadale River,
Black Range Creek,
Meadow Creek,
Hurdle Creek and
Reedy Creek
all pour their waters into either of the large rivers. Then poor old Wang floods, yet again.

Photo from the Rural City of Wangaratta.


  1. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink ...

  2. Yeah, so sad, so silly are town planners. Here, we have The Boardwalk Estate, set primarily on flood plains.. we used to take our dogs for a run and to do some rabbiting there years ago. When there was a drenching, it sure got swampy..and boggy... I fear for the residents there, along Skeleton Creek. For people who are new to the area, and not old locals, they may just get a fright.. but I hope not.
    One of my patients lives up Wang way, she has a few horses. She got a frantic call from her friend who was minding them for her. The horses were girth height in water in their stables. Poor patient almost had another heart attack secondary to the anxiety... SES came to the rescue, horses lead to higher ground, and fed. Wonderful SES. Patient was much happier then..and so was I as her nurse.

  3. Yeah Jayne. The water does not look at all drinkable and who knows what is in it.

    SES wasn't around in our young days Cazzie, or should I say mine. But what great work they do. From Pakenham in the east to Point Lonsdale in the west, houses are being built on swamps. I would be worried.

    Fen, it only took five minutes of my life to get that spelt correctly. Lovely to have you safe and home girlfriend.

  4. all creeked out from what i can see