Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eyes and ears

Yes, time to take Mother to the Eye and Ear for a check, once again. I will not take responsibility for Mother' s time keeping and so by the time we collected her, stopped on the way for her to buy some greeting cards, arrived at the Eye and Ear Hospital, she had lunch and drank her tea, she was late. Clearly she had gone to the bottom of the waiting list. She moaned, whined and complained and said we should just leave and come back another day. Given we had driven for two hours to collect her and get her to hospital, when I am not feeling too great and Sister was taking her home and staying the night, eventually I told her to stop. We had made a huge effort as was Sister, she was getting first class medical treatment for free and all she had to do was wait. If the wait was excessive, it was her fault for being 15 minutes late.

Eventually she saw one doctor and then had to wait to see another. Sister and Little Jo arrived and we hung around for a while and then as we left, Mother was called in to see another doctor. We thought that would be the end, but there must have been another doctor to see as Sister sent a text at 5.40 that they were just leaving, some four hours after the initial appointment time. I would suggest that it is a quite unreasonable time to spend there. I wonder how much her being late affected the waiting time.

While we children pay for her private health insurance, she is now nagging that she wants extras cover, even giving me a card with a contact person to speak to at the health fund. She wants the cover for chiropractic services, $23 per month to claim back $20 per chiropractor visit. Surely even she can see the false economy........well it not so false for her if we pay. Sister and I have decided not. Poor R, Mother lays it on so thickly to him and makes him feel very guilty and sorry for her. We kids don't take so much notice.

We pay her health insurance, her council rates, have promised to pay if a major appliance breaks down, bought her a new split system air conditioner and still she can't manage to live on a pension.

She complains she never goes anywhere but doctor appointments and yet Sister offered to take her the tulip farm tomorrow, so long as they could go at 9.30, but no, too early for Mother. To get out of the house by 11am is pushing it for her. We had an idea of taking her out next Sunday, but after today, I have gone quite cool on the idea. A little bit of Mother goes a long way.


  1. Andrew, your mum is a lucky lady. :) I went to the Eye and Ear a few years ago and the wait time was reasonable. It was very chaotic place, and a real warren on the floor where they test your hearing.

  2. Anonymous9:53 am

    Yes mum's can be pains at time but enjoy your time with her whilst she is still around.

    Have just lost mine two weeks ago, 4 months after dad's passing. There is a gaping hole left now not having them around to visit.

  3. I think your Mum has possibly ingrained learnt behaviour that any attention is better than no attention at all.
    Yes, like a naughty kid.
    The Eye and Ear Hosp is excellent, from memory the letter with appointment details clearly states to arrive (15mins I think) before the specified time and be prepared to wait.
    If you prefer, I can give you the name of my private ophthalmologist (who operates at the E&E) who bulk bills after the initial appointment, is this side of the city and is pretty spot on with appointment times.
    To save you on travel times ;)

  4. LiD, she has been lucky all her life. She sees the eye doctors and normally the wait is quite reasonable.

    Anon, it is something I am aware of, as are my siblings. We try, but she makes it hard at times.

    Got it one Jayne. It is always all about her. She was very vague about the time.

  5. Has it been a year since the last outing to the Eye and Ear? Wow..time travels fast