Sunday, September 26, 2010

Around home

Last Sunday we met up with our dyke friend who is separating from her girlfriend. I doubt your memory is that good, mine isn't, but the night before we dined with her at the Elsternwick Bowling Club for her birthday. Some time ago she bought a flat in Ormond and she will move into it after it is renovated. I noticed her quiet street it is a bus route. I must investigate. We met at her flat to 'check it out' and then went off for breakfast in Elsternwick. Her ex came with us. We had a nice Sunday brunch and dyke friend's ex pointed out a shop she liked. Once we entered we knew we had been here a couple of times before. We came out nearly $50 lighter, having bought a new steamer cooking basket for inside pots and a battery operated knife sharpener. I sharpen our knives with a hand held one and it is dangerous. I slipped once but did not do damage but I just know eventually I will slice a finger off. The new sharpener works well. I am pleased.

This plant sends up new leaves as a single spike and then slowly it forms into a full leaf. The switch for the quite ugly lamp is down low and behind the cupboard so much to the amusement of visitors, we switch the lamp on and off by screwing the bulb in and out. To even screw the bulb we must fight through the plant. It is growing and making the lamp bulb harder and harder to get to.

Remember back earlier this year when everything in the high rise was breaking down? Dishwasher, tv, clothes dryer, hot plate igniter button and range hood lights. All had been fixed except for the range hood lights. There was no branding on the range hood and only some Italian writing. The repair person took out the light and fan control unit and noted it had failed. Yes, I kind of knew that. New part was ordered, but the part order failed. The range hood is over ten years old and parts were not to be found. High rise developers buy what they can as cheaply as possible, often sourced from overseas. They order extra to use for parts, but once these are gone, you are screwed. The search for the part went on for months until eventually the company called it quits and suggested we need a new range hood. What? The range hood lights don't work and we need to buy a whole new unit. We had managed without the range hood lights for quite some time, but we both readily agreed we needed them, so for $430 in total, we have a new range hood. Pull out the slide and little and the lights come on, pull out more, fan speed one, pull out more, fan speed two, and then three. I liked the old one with a variable speed slider switch and a light on/off switch. The new is very noisy on even the lowest speed. In its defence, it sucks well, and who could complain about that. It is a lot easier to clean too.

Stickers stuck on the mirror wardrobe by Little Jo in the spare room do not worry me at. I don't have to clean the mirrors.


  1. You must have a green thumb, Andrew. That plant looks very happy there.

  2. oh no - I hate it when couples break up. They should go see The Kids Are Alright. gay-couple therapy.

    I loved it and I'm not even gay ... well not until Julianne Moore or maybe Diane Keaton pleads with me, or ... is there anybody my age who is clever and nice as well?

    Little Jo is so lucky to have good uncles. Why do kids love to put stickers on everything?

    That poor plant needs the balcony so set it free and get your lamp back.

  3. Well Ann, not sure how serious they are about breaking up. Moving out day has been postponed from now to later dates and now November.

    R's responsibility LiD. I do the outside ones. He, the plant, is happy.

    That's an answer to a Rove question isn't it Ann? I never watch the show but I believe he asks who would you turn gay for. Interesting to me. Ha, you would soon mentally crush any clever guy. You need a servant guy.

    Plant is very happy, as per LiD's comment. It will die on the balcony when the hot morning sun hits it and burns its leaves to a crisp.

  4. Awww, Little Jo loves Dora :) Cute!
    I love that plant! Is it a Parlor Palm? It must love the spot you have it in to be growing so well. Those plants can be temperamental.. just like women lol.

  5. Don't know much about Dora, Cazzie, but she likes her. Not sure which palm it is. Forgotten now. I does not like it dark at all.