Monday, September 27, 2010

625,626, 627

A bus runs past the flat in the quiet street where our dyke friend is about to move into. I thought I noted that it was route 627 about which there have been complaints about its confusing route and just days after mentioning that a bus ran past our friends house, the route has been altered and divided into two other routes, 625 and 626.

While our friend has a car, she is well disposed to public transport and will certainly be catching the train to her city work place. She can also travel to Chadstone or Elsternwick on the 625 bus. I will advise her of this, but it is only a 30 minute service on weekdays and 60 minute on weekends. I can't see her using it to go to either Chadstone nor Elsternwick as the route is indirect, but I can see her catching it to Ormond Railway Station to catch the train if the bus service is reliable.

There is a little bit of a contretemps about the new routes, which you can read about here.


  1. I have a slight complaint to lodge with Whoever Is In Charge of that particular nuthouse as a local bus stop in Johnson St, Oakleigh has 4 diff bus routes stopping there but they removed ALL of the bus timetables to replace them with not just the 625 timetable, but the 625 timetable on both sides of the bus-stop pole.
    Cos they need to repeat the bleeding obvious.
    And, yes, the old 627 was a PITA.

  2. Just following orders says the timetable installers. Perhaps they should have called back and checked about the other timetables.

  3. My route is the 631, I only know that it arrives every half hour at quarter past and quarter two near my driveway.

  4. Lucky you Fen. You can go to Waverley Gardens!

  5. Hooray for that. My Nan tells me that WG is pretty boring!

  6. Your Nan is wise.