Sunday, August 08, 2010

This Week's Flowers

Strange. The orchids look almost pink and yet a week later they are still alive and are decidedly dark red. They came from Prahran Market and are usually $10 or more, but last week they were only $8, so only a couple of dollars more than our usual flower budget.


  1. A flower buget. How posh!

  2. Nice splash of colour, very good for the soul ;)

  3. oh I adore orchids and they can last quite some time too. One of these days I'll buy me one, when I was in London my bestie gave me a orchid plant and it was divine. Couldn't bring it back with me though :(

  4. Anonymous4:18 am

    Gorgeous, and in that bargain of a vase too :)

  5. Usually $6 a week Victor.

    Flowers are always nice to have Jayne.

    We have had them in the past Fen even here. Once they finish flowering, we give them to friends to plant in their gardens.

    Hey Cazzie, better memory that I have.