Sunday, August 29, 2010

There is a song with the lyrics Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, I think

'Toilet Little Jo'.
'No fanks'.
'You haven't been since you arrived. You'd better go.'
'No fanks'.
'C'mon. You haven't been.'
'Yes I have. I went when we were swimming'.

Our faces must have looked interesting as we tried to look stern and chastising but suppressing laughter at the same time. I recall a blank expression came over her face for about 20 seconds while she was in the spa.

Sister had dropped her off as she went to see her team play at the MCG. We fed Little Jo ham and cheese in rolls. She picked the ham and cheese out and then ate a little bit of the rolls.

This is going to be a long day. We had already done our shopping in the morning in Prahran and no sooner was everything unpacked and the sums calculated than they turned up.

After the swim we tried for some quiet time, but Little Jo wasn't having a bar of it.

She likes this song and knows many of the words. I found it on You Tube and gave our newish computer speakers a workout. The three of us danced around and eventually Little Jo lost interest. R and I kept on dancing to the end.

Off to the park for a play on the equipment and home by 4 as a chill arrived in the air. Little Jo found some kids her age to play with at the park. She didn't biff any of them. As usual the children playing in Fawkner Park and their parents were immaculately attired with labels for days. Little Jo also has label clothes, but hers mostly come from op shops and while she has or had a good pram, the stroller we took her to the park in was from a roadside collection raid. Cranky beast it was, it was put out to get rid of it for good reasons.

Back home to try for more quiet time but it was high energy dvds she wanted. Bone Doctor arrived from he stint of looking after football player injuries and we ordered some pizzas. Sister arrived back from football in an excellent mood. Bath for Little Jo and showers for the rest of us and then off to Langwarrin in separate cars.

Sister was giving her old washing machine to Tradie Brother but he was not at home. We wrestled the machine in and then he turned up. He has bought himself a record player and has acquired tons of records. On this night, the night of his ex wife's engagement party, no doubt he will get drunk and maudlin and play lots of sad and meaningful songs. Who could blame him.

We will leave him with his tears and regrets and feelings of injustice and travel on to Cranbourne where Sis in Law is having her engagement party at a large reception venue. Somehow we ended up in an RSL carpark but we still beat Sister and Bone Doctor to the correct venue. ABI Brother and Mother did worse, ending up at a nearby venue where there was a wedding and they went inside.

Sis in Law, her new beau, Snotty niece, Dreaded Nephew and Chainsaw Niece were already there, as was Mother and ABI Brother, and Step Mother had travelled down from the north of Victoria for the occasion. Sis in Law had given us a moral out if we did not think it was appropriate to attend, but while I am not sure why she is bothering, it is cool with me. To see her in love like she is now is a wondrous thing.

What is that in your hand Missy, Sis in Law asked of Snotty niece. I'm holding it for her, said Snotty Niece, as she exhaled clouds of smoke. I give up exclaimed Sis in Law. Chainsaw Niece's bag fell open the other day there were heaps of rollies in her bag. Sis in Law hates smoking, yet all three of her children smoke, as does Tradie Brother and her new beau. It was the first time we had met him and he seemed like a nice ocker bloke. There was the usual, heard so much about you two guys, in reference to R and myself. Our wrists remained rigid and our voices deep.

Sis in Law's beau comes from a large family, so with Sis in Law's large family, our smallish one plus friends and hangers on, it ended up being a party for 180 people with finger food and drinks at bar prices.

Forty years ago hysterical Mother was in a public shopping street calling Step Mother a filthy whore. Step Mother slapped Mother, which shut her up for once. Age has mellowed them and they get on rather well now. They even did the girl thing and went to the toilet together.

Sister and Little Jo were going on to Mother's to stay for the night and Bone Doctor had to go back by train to the Belllarine Peninsula. How lucky were we. As speeches were about to start at 10, we took our leave to take Bone Doctor to Spencer Street to catch the 11.05 Geelong train and then drive her car from the station for half an hour to her home and then be up to umpire a footy match at 9.30.

Little Jo enjoyed herself at the party. Along with the other kids, she ran and danced, ran and danced. She did not sleep well the night before and had not stopped with strenuous activity all day and half the night. She will be in a fine old mood next morning. We told Bone Doctor she was lucky to not have Little Jo around the next day, a small consolation. Poor Bone Doctor did not want to go to the party in the first place. Sister insisted.

I hate driving in the city, for good reasons. After dropping Bone Doctor at Southern Cross Station, we got caught up in King Street nightclub traffic. Gazing around at the King Street night crowds was educative, to say the least.

Too much for a white boy and then today I worked from 10 till 7. The marvellous R cooked a beautiful piece of corned beef, with steaming hot cabbage of course, broccoli, carrots and mashed potatoes and a really good mustard sauce from a recipe he found on the net. It was a seriously huge piece of meat, the corned beef that is, and so I am looking forward to my lunch for a couple of days.


  1. At least it wasn't a number 2.

  2. Martin12:10 pm

    Do you mean "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" sung by Elton?

  3. You're SUCH an Uncle! An elephant stamp one at that.

    Corned beef (and all the traditional bits) is the requested (along with the traditional roast and 68 veg) fare when our offspring comes for dinner.

    Left over corned beef makes top notch sangers (lots of English mustard) and a good base (acceptable alternative for the leftover lamb roast)for a Shepherd's Pies.

  4. Nice.
    It's nice to read that some families can stay in touch and friendly to ex in-laws rather than make them out-laws before the ink is even dry on the decree nisi.
    King St - yerck.

  5. 'Our wrists remained rigid and our voices deep'

    What a pity that you didn't flounce about and put on a show!

  6. Indeed Victor. Letting down all the good work put in by Bette Midler over the decades.

  7. Thank god AR. She used to swim with a special swimming nappy but she doesn't need them for that reason now.

    That's it Martin. I had forgotten what it was from. I thought it was older.

    Sacre bleu LS. French seed mustard if you please.

    We are all making an effort Jayne. Sis in Law's mother's leg was chopped off today.

    These events are damn hard work Victor. Not sure of the Sydney equivalent suburbs. People there have money but they are ever so ocker. You just so would not flounce.

    I knows me market LS. That wasn't one of them.

  8. I think it's really neat that your mother and stepmother get along. I like surprisingly pleasant relationships like that...especially when things were once sour.

    Funny about the pee.

  9. Age has wearied them Dina. It makes for an easier life.