Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tech Head Tony

I very much enjoyed seeing Anthony Abbott struggling with technology details under the stern and well boned up Kerry O'Brien on the 7.30 Report. I am not too critical of him for not knowing tech details, no matter that his plan is hardly adventurous. More on that in another post.

But naturally we want to have a laugh at Anthony Abbott's expense.

Try this for size.


  1. It is rare for one of your posts to remain commentless.

    That is all!

  2. Thanks for the linkage :-)

  3. Much obliged Victor. I could feel surprised that there aren't comments on posts, but I don't. One thing I have learnt about blogging is that comments do equate to effort put into a post or how many read it or how many appreciate it. But I do find comments encouraging.

    Ah, the author I presume Dr Watson. I am very much enjoying your slant on our election. I think it was Ann O'Dyne who steered me to it.