Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stroll to the poll Pt 1

Federal election, one place, state, another, local council another. But then they change locations each time. Oh to be as civilised as Victor who only has to walk next door for them all. I had earlier asked Sister if she knew where to vote and she said she didn't but it would be the local primary school.

After a particularly long wait to vote one year at St Kilda Primary School which nearly made me late for work, I try to hunt out quieter booths to vote at. Once we voted at the Alfred Hospital and there was no queue at all. I was going to be working this Saturday, which would have meant a vote in advance, but as of last week, things had changed and I was not working today. I looked at a list of voting booths for our electorate of Melbourne Ports. I add that I dislike the idea of having to drive and park at a polling booth. It should be walking distance and it should have a sausage sizzle.

Well, this one sounds like it might be quiet and it was. We walked to the National Herbarium on the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens, walked straight in, voted and walked straight out. In the past I have taken whatever the party reps shove at me before entering. This time, I did not, only taking the Greens and gave the chap a wink. They were all so stereotypical. The well dressed Liberal woman in an expensive black coat, the more down to earth dressed Labor woman and the alternative looking young man handing out for the Greens. I said nothing as the Liberal Party rep tried to shove her suggestions at me. Interestingly, for the Reps vote, the Greens suggested preferencing the Secular Party of Australia ahead of any other party. I chose my own, their 3rd choice Australian Sex Party. The flyer put Labor fourth. I voted about the line for the Senate on the absurdly large ballot paper. I understand that Labor is the automatic second preference.

I didn't expect there would be a sausage sizzle, and there wasn't.

Last night R and I were discussing the election campaigns and he opined that this has been the worst campaign since 1975 after God Gough was dismissed from office. We struggled to remember the name of the Governor General of the time, the turn coat drunk. It came to me eventually in the manner of Kerr's Cur, Sir John Kerr.

Come with me as we stroll to the National Herbarium. It was closer than I thought.

Although we often walk along this street, it it usually the other direction and on the other side. Buildings are often best viewed from a bit of a distance. I hadn't noticed how nice this terrace was before.

Bit blurry, but this church is so quaint. It is normally open during the day and I am tempted to slip in for a look, but the possibility of causing great thunder and lightening stops me. It is a catholic church, St Thomas Aquinas.

Next door is a block of flats, a quite nice block given its age.

Is this a bit of boy on boy action on the wall of a building at Melbourne Grammar.

Just nice.

A bit more modest. Still, do you have spare $million or so?

Here we are the National Herbarium.


  1. I was unlucky - I chose to walk approx 300m to my nearest polling place: VCA Secondary School, rather than almost 1km to the Herbarium. There was some sort of stuff up at the VCA which meant that the booths didn't open until nearly 8:30am! Although I arrived just on 8am, did not get to vote until almost 9am.
    ...and no bloody sausage sizzle.

  2. I considered that place Altissima. Short tram trip and and a short walk. Early afternoon seems an ok time to vote, perhaps in many places. Arts building means arts students, no concept of time.

  3. We had no sausage sizzle either!

  4. I gotta go google this Australia sex party. I saw it mentioned on Facebook too.

    Sounds interesting.

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Ah 1975 - Gough, Fraser and Kerr. Takes me back...

    At least you got to vote. As an expat Aussie, I'm no longer eligble to vote, which really urks me. I may not be living in Aus at the moment but I should still be able to exercise my citizen rights - I haven't given up my citizenship! V.

  6. Fen, it should become a compulsory part of voting.

    Dina, they are not quite as light hearted as they may initially seem.

    You were only a baby in '75 V. I agree with you in so far as for voting, if you were born here and lived here for say twenty years, you should be able to vote. But you are one of those vego latte chardonay inner city Fitzroy types and your vote for the Greens would have been wasted as Brant was elected comfortably.